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NOTE: Beta testers are added in a limited & subjective manner as I can only support so many people as part of the beta test program to keep it useful for my needs.

Unless I think you're going to be helpful, not all requests will be accepted but might still be later on. Remember that beta testing is to help me & the limitations currently works for my needs for this project.

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What file type(s) are you experiencing this with? As I know mp3 can be an issue but that's more down to the 5.666 input plug-in which

MP3 on an otherwise vanilla install.

Other types I play including in_sid* or in_mod are not locked.

Are you using WACUP in normal or double size mode ?

Double-size on 4K, Single on 2K.  Classic skin.
WinAmp Classic does click-nudge on either.

Though really if just clicking & immediately releasing then I don't think it should be changing the current position

One could argue that it doesn't do that either since the result heard is a step backwards.

this is somewhat in the grey area of what should even be considered to occur tbh.

I agree.  I've always wondered if it was a bug with benefits.  I tend to think it's intentional since somewhere there would likely be integer division occurring (to transform between time and pixels) and that should round down/back not up/forwards.  I don't think it's an e.g. off-by-one error handling mouse x/y coord on click because you probably wouldn't be able to drag it and get the expected position when releasing it.

I suppose it could also have something to do with mp3 frames. Maybe it wants to snap to a nearby frame and the jump occurs that way.  I didn't consider that until now.

Thanks for the consideration :)

An improved argument for this feature:

The minimum seek-ahead that can be done with a single click is to click directly to the right of the slider. If you aim precisely, that is a jump of about 8% of the timeline.  For a 60min or 120min stream that's about 5 and 10 minutes ahead, respectively.  This is a large seek if one considers an album/mix of sub-5minute songs, any of which could be skipped over easily and often.  The only way to achieve a smaller jump forward is to drag the slider, which has its own precision problems--not to mention that doing this to scrub over a 2hr recording would be a painful RSI experience.  Single Click Nudge gives a step forward smaller than 8% (about 0.2%) solving this problem.

I may not have your flow quite right, but I tried it out.
- enabled the file-remover,
- loaded some to-be-auditioned files into the playlist, and then
- used Next or Alt+Next to filter the playlist such that it contains a list of the files to remove.  Then
- Selected All, and used REM...Remove...Physically Remove.

Building the inverse playlist is not quite intuitive but I agree it seems like you are right that it is better than a mix of winamp + explorer/cli work.  Thanks for the tip :)

I've been using WACUP for a year or so now.  Here is one (of only two) frustrating differences I've encountered so far.

In Classic WinAmp, during playback, clicking the transport slider (single click down-up w/o movement) causes a slight nudge forward to the playback position.  (I've always presumed this to be equivalent to 1px or 2px worth of the timeline.)  WACUP instead jumps to the position of the slider when clicked, which is effectively a slight jump backwards.

For myself, I've always found repeated clicking at the slider in this manner an effective way to scrub ahead and seems to be a useful size jump for both minute-range songs and hour-range albums/mixes.

Prediction: It could be implemented with ceil() in just the right place.  :)

I've been using WACUP for a year or so now.  Here is one (of only two) frustrating differences I've encountered so far.

In classic WinAmp, if playback is stopped--but file is still selected--it can be e.g. deleted.
WACUP has a lock on the file and it is not available for delete/modify by other applications until playing a different file or closing WACUP.

For myself, it is frustrating when auditioning audio while organizing files since I must play another file (or close WACUP) in order to move/delete something I have just previewed.

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