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Preview Build Discussion / Lyrics Plugin - Spacing and more, Hi
« on: August 24, 2022, 06:11:58 PM »

Thanks for your time.

Concerning gen_lyrics.dll, I have a few suggestions and thoughts on these suggestions I noted down. Here they are.

1. (High priority) Respect the empty lines in .lrc files. As of now, they are omitted from display. So the entire lyrics text is bunched up together.
At least that's the case with the .lrc files that contain timestamps. ([00:00.00])
If the .lrc file contains text and text only, I DOES respect the spacing. Right?
It would be nice to see the chorus' and verses in timestamped .lrc files be spaced out a well. Hope that makes sense.

2a. (Low priority) Highlight a line, with the same highlight color as a currently selected/playing song is. Karaoke style, which is currently missing. Right?

2b. (Low priority) Highlight a line, with the same highlight background-color as a currently selected/playing song is. So set according to the current player color scheme.

2c. (Low priority) Highlight empty lines (somehow) to indicate to the listener where the song as at, in terms of timestamp. Explained: If you glance away from lyrics and return for another glance, you sometimes don't see/find which lyric line will be highlighted next. Right? -If empty lines would get highlighted (and stay highlighted) with a background color, that would solve it. Or something else. A little dot. A little star. Etc.

3a. (Low priority) Opacity of the Album Art. Sometimes you want a lower opacity Album Art behind the lyrics, for better readability. Maybe it's just me. Joke. (Would become obsolete if highlighted line would get its own highlight background-color)

3b. (Low priority) Allow for Album Art to be repeated, in either X or Y axis. Way cool!

4. (Low priority) Change "No lyrics were found : (" to just "(No lyrics present)"

I'm basically asking for some spacing, right? (1.)
And for the work on WACUP's lyrics plugin to get some attention? :-) Right? dro?

Again, thanks for reading!

Been making some lyrics lately.

Installed WACUP,
after abandoning BS.Player and than installing and abandoning WinAmp really,
And I've been having a ball with it!

Good job, dro! WACUP is wack. I'm diggin' it!

Happy to be here.


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