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Preview Build Discussion / Cannot use ALT+Z hotkey
« on: July 29, 2021, 05:28:10 PM »
Hi, I use ALT+Z as a globabl hotkey for stop playback. It doesn't work on the current build (7236).

Just tried WACUP on windows 7 and the mouse wheel volume control works the same as 5.666. So it seems that windows 10 is the problem here.

It is only in windows 7 that I get the desired behaviour. Maybe I should try wacup on windows 7 and see if that works the same as 5.666. Then should it work the same way as old winamp I guess that would confirm its entirely a windows 10 thing changing the behaviour I was used to.

Nope. I believe its just a vanilla install, no third party plugins. v5.666 build 3516.

No desktop mod. The mousewheel only changes volume if winamp is in focus. Also scrolls through the menus if thats where your cursor is positioned.

Sorry I should have added more detail. I use big bento and used that for years with winamp. I was using the leaked 5.8 version of winamp but i think older versions had this behaviour too. My previous behaviour in winamp was to go down to the task bar, click on the winamp tab and use the mousewheel there, so it saved me moving the cursor back up over any of the winamp UI. I could also adjust the volume whilst the cursor was outside any of the winamp windows

I just installed winamp again on my other machine and its not showing this behaviour. A few months ago i switched from window 7 to 10 on both machines so i suspect this has something to do with it.

Tried winamp on a windows 7 machine and that does the old behaviour I was familiar with, seems like this is indeed a windows rather than a winamp thing.

In the original winamp I could switch to the program and adjust the volume with the mousewheel no matter where on the screen the cursor was located. In WACUP the cursor needs to be over the main winamp window to do this. A small UI issue I know but maybe it could be changed or added as an optional setting? Thanks for all your hard work Dr O!

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