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100x Thanks :) WACUP resolve the problem.

i try enable and disabled no differences.

unfortunatly no,

but i found something may be important: milk2_adapters.txt is missing in new version

Winamp version = 0x5066
Plugin long name = "MilkDrop v2.26k", version=200, subversion=5
Enumeration of Display Adapters:
1. Driver=nvldumd.dll
    Description=NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660
    GUID=D7B71E3E 67C4 11CF 10 61 8A 04 1B C2 D6 35

variable refresh - yes, but wen i turn off its still 55fps

maximum resolution - 2560x1440 but 55 fps even if set 800x600

complexity of the milkdrop preset(s) - i got everything on default and all preset(s) 55 fps

when i try set difdent setting at one point i got 65 now is 55 again

i also check nvida control panel fps limiter is off

older version of MilkDrop 2.26k working fine i get 250 fps or 200 or 160 depend on visualisation

it's like something is limiting fps on new version and i dont know what (i try also to on and off vsync aka page tearing nothing help.

that wirde, but i did nothing and now i got 65fps regardless of resolution or windowed mode ??  set unlimited everywhere.

Intel Core i5-8600k @4.8Ghz
GeForce GTX 1660 GAMING OC 6G
WIN10 (latest update)

Yes, unlimited everywhere.

also wen i set 30fps everywhere i have 27

Hello, my problem is in the title, i have only 55 fps regardless of resolution or windowed mode, please help.

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