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NOTE: Beta testers are added in a limited & subjective manner as I can only support so many people as part of the beta test program to keep it useful for my needs.

Unless I think you're going to be helpful, not all requests will be accepted but might still be later on. Remember that beta testing is to help me & the limitations currently works for my needs for this project.

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I tag my songs the way MarkRH suggests. I also enable all the filter options on the Preferences Media Library-Local Library-Options tab, except the "Ignore the The ..." and "Use limited associative ..." options. This works pretty well for me.


Will add the request to refresh the existing history titles to the todo list.


Thank you.

"Playlist String" or something like that. I noticed this when I changed the PE ATF string I was using and saw that that column contents changed to match it. Older records used the previous PE ATF string. Not necessary, but would it be possible to add an option to update old records to match the active PE ATF string.

Since I'm using 3 different ATF strings in different places for the playing file, I've now changed the PE string to only show %title% and thus match the column heading in the history view.

Things could stay as they are, changes are not really necessary. Once I noticed this behavior and realized it wasn't an history view error in reading metadata, I decided to mention it.

Wishlist / Feature Requests / ML History View Column Heading Change
« on: March 07, 2024, 04:03:06 PM »
The column currently named "Title" in the history view doesn't display the file's title. It displays the playlist editor's string for the file that was played. I suggest the column's heading be changed to correctly indicate what is being displayed (or change the column's content to match it's heading).

Preview Build Discussion / Re: Another album art problem
« on: March 02, 2024, 05:28:23 PM »
Have you tried using the General - Album Art - Reading option in the Preferences to select how you want WACUP to read your album art?

Preview Build Discussion / Re: *** in Songticker
« on: February 29, 2024, 04:25:40 PM »
I don't use ratings, so I can't verify if the 'nice looking stars' are being used. I like all the songs in my library about the same or I won't put them in my library.

I like having the " *** " in the main player window, it lets me see at a glance when the songticker string is restarting. But I can understand the OP's issue, if it affects the rating indications for those who use them.

For now, users with this issue could simply not put the rating metadata at the start or end of their ATF string (to state the obvious).   :)

Preview Build Discussion / Re: *** in Songticker
« on: February 27, 2024, 05:44:08 AM »
Hi dro,

I'm using the beta builds instead of the public previews, but I think the OP is talking about the handling in the main player window for classic skins instead of the taskbar handling. The options you pointed to for the taskbar currently do work in my configuration, but there is no way to disable the " *** " when the default or a custom string is scrolling in the main player window for classic skins. As you know, the main player window in some modern skins do not follow the same behavior as classic skins and will do something different.

You can also use the Playlist Separator plug-in (in_text.dll) to insert a stop separator in a playlist where you want playback to stop. After the plug-in is activated, a "Separator:" command is added to the playlist editor's context menu. This command has a sub-menu that lets you select the kind of separator to insert.

There is a "Stop after current" command. Look in the sub-menu for the main context menu Playback command or use the "Ctrl + V" keyboard hot keys.

Preview Build Discussion / Re: WACUP Preview Build Annoyance
« on: January 30, 2024, 05:12:42 PM »
This reminds me that there is no way to please everyone.  :)

As an older user, I like the blinking when I pause playback. Sometimes I get called away for whatever reason and sometimes I pause playback and sometimes I don't. When I return, the blinking reminds me that I paused playback and the lack of sound doesn't mean the app has stopped working.

Skins / Re: Defix - Yukon
« on: January 30, 2024, 04:14:16 AM »
Hi Denis,

I really like what you have so far. The color theme is easy on my old eyes.

I pray your life changes do not turn out as bad as you fear and you get the chance to finish this skin.

I don't have a 4K monitor yet (still using 1920 x 1080), so I down-scaled it to 50%. So far, it is performing as well as the other modern skins I'm using. I'll provide some specifics after I play with it for awhile.

Thank you for pointing out the download link. Don't understand how I missed it, when it was right in front of me.

Skins / Re: Defix - Yukon
« on: January 30, 2024, 12:27:55 AM »
But one way or another, if you use it or just test it, then I would like to know with what scaling and what resolution, whether everything works correctly and stably, perhaps you will have ideas and wishes.


I would like to test it, but I don't see a way to download it.

Wishlist / Feature Requests / Re: List of Loaded Plug-ins
« on: January 29, 2024, 04:50:52 PM »
I'm not sure what the need for this is other than a curiosity (?) ...


Yes, it could be called that. I just like to know as much as possible about what is used in my configuration (from my former programming background). As I said, most probably wont care to know and I think I can probably figure it out on my own.  This was something that came to mind late at night (when I was sleepy) and decided to make the request.   :)

Skip the extra work, there are bigger fish to fry.

Skins / Re: wasabi.list.text.selected.background.inactive
« on: January 28, 2024, 10:29:00 PM »
Good detective work! Now that there is a reason, hopefully it can soon be fixed.

Skins / Re: wasabi.list.text.selected.background.inactive
« on: January 28, 2024, 06:48:13 PM »

Now, if an undefined wasabi.list.text.selected.background.inactive colour element crashes WACUP for me but not for you then there must be something else that triggers the crashes, in addition to the undefined colour element. Maybe some memory leak that may crash WACUP on weaker computers but not on more powerful ones.

Maybe, let's see what happens with the next build.

But if that color element is not defined in JVC Tape v1.2 and it mostly doesn't crash for me, then that may have nothing to do with your crashes.

I have made a lot of changes to the original skin for my use. I can pm you a copy if you want to compare things.

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