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With the old one it was preferences>local library>watch folders>rescan now. I don't see an equivalent in the new one short of clearing the database and importing everything again, which takes a lot longer.

Resolved Issues / Weird minor visual bug (also a typo)
« on: January 09, 2021, 03:35:41 AM »
Ignore my edgy 90s colour scheme.

In the Bento theme and using the classic media library, if I scroll up or down fast enough using the scrollbar, I get visually duplicated list items. Selecting one of the "fake" items causes it to display the correct item, as does scrolling it off-screen and back again. I've managed to do it both on the artist and album sections, but not the song list at the bottom. This might just be because my arm is tired from jiggling the mouse. Much easier to trigger by accident than on purpose.

I've also managed it in the Winamp Classic and Classic Modern skins so I'm guessing it's unrelated to the skin.

I could be talking nonsense, but I'm guessing the bug is a result of some weird bug in the old winamp code being a tower of duct tape since it's been a problem for me even before I used WACUP?

Also there's a typo in the patrons thanks page in the preferences. It says "suggest that you have a look at the things their doing & creating.", but the "their" should be "they're".

It's hard to summarise in the subject, so I've made a gif to show what I mean:

Anyway, if it would lead to the "media library" tab instead, that'd be much preferred. I realise it might that way to direct people to this forum, but it's kind of inconvenient if you're in the habit of clicking it to bring up winamp.

The window either shows "0 items selected" or, very rarely, works once then shows the metadata for that file/group of files in any future uses.

This seems to be regardless of filetype.

Resolved Issues / Bug: Bento scroll bars not working
« on: February 06, 2020, 09:00:07 PM »
The scroll bars on the bento skin immediately drop to the bottom of the list upon use (except for the playlist one). Mousewheel scrolling works fine. See attached video for demonstration.

This may affect other skins too, I haven't checked.

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