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NOTE: Beta testers are added in a limited & subjective manner as I can only support so many people as part of the beta test program to keep it useful for my needs.

Unless I think you're going to be helpful, not all requests will be accepted but might still be later on. Remember that beta testing is to help me & the limitations currently works for my needs for this project.

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Resolved Issues / beta update error
« on: March 24, 2022, 08:10:37 PM »
can't update with beta access

Wishlist / Feature Requests / Re: Favicon
« on: March 01, 2020, 11:02:14 AM »
so instead of sticking out like everyone else does, or used to, you want to opt for a boring minimalistic bolt that shows no qualities whatsoever?
Buty is in the eye of the beholder. I think there is no question who is the winner here. ore how do you see?
currently there are 14 icons available in wacup. over 90% are in my eyes anything but exciting or beautiful. why not add 1 new one which is next to the latest winamp and wacup icon? i think is a modern minimalistic icon which fits well into Windows 10. I would like to emphasize that this is just a native icon next to the existing ones of the selection.

Since there's support for custom notification area icons (though I need to re-fix it with the recent beta builds) by dropping a winamp.ico into the root of the WACUP settings folder, I don't think it's necessarily something I need to directly include within WACUP.

If someone wants to make such an icon from the WACUP design (I quickly tried to do it & it looked awful) that is keeping with the outlined Win10 style then I'm fine to see that done & ensure it's made available on here but I'd have to see it to decide if I wanted to consider to include it.

I will gladly finish some designs. But this could take a while.
Is there currently a free vector design I can play with? i will use this
 I already have some nice ideas.
PS: Is there some background knowledge about the logo to get a feel for my designs?

Wishlist / Feature Requests / Favicon
« on: February 23, 2020, 05:08:38 PM »
i wish a standard nativ whit and a black icon for a nice minimalistic windows 10 integration from WACUP-Project
Notfivtion Area >

looks like png file

Wishlist / Feature Requests / Re: my bug & wishlist
« on: February 15, 2020, 05:50:02 PM »
hello dudes!
Hello, i have listened to this project and i think it would by nice to bring it forword.
i want to support u.
my english is not so good maybe i tray it in german.

wish i have unlimited time to edit this topic for fix post and updates... ;-)

some merges helps for a clear minimalistic and intuitive look!

v1.0.8.4346 (Winamp  Classic Modern v1.03):

my wishes...

1.1 search option filter on preferences
2.1 build in browser > add url or files like *.pls and ohter music files automatically into WACUP
2.2 [following wish from "v1.0.5.4130 (bigbento modern v1.1)" have high Priority ;)] add download manager or plays automatically streams/files from YouTube; SoundCloud; also into player directly with optional plugin support with additional options
3.0 [taskbar & nonfiction area > note that "following nonfiction area" wishes/bugs reports without installing "advanced taskbar support"]
3.1 nonfiction area > ICON > update mouseover text every second for playtime
3.2 nonfiction area > ICON > by mouseover and scrolling wheel update audio volume
3.3 nonfiction area > playback controls icon > optional merge STOP to PLAY/PAUSE Icon with right click (if 3.5 miss)
grammar update wishes from "v1.0.5.4130 (bigbento modern v1.1)" to following...
3.4 nonfiction area > playback controls icon > "PLAY/PAUSE" optional (if activate) show "PLAY/PAUSE" button by mouseover WACUP-Agent-Icon if played. double click will open and hide window
3.5 nonfiction area > playback controls icon > show WACUP contentmenu like Agent-Icon
4.1 open file > merg open URL with LOCAL file an FOLDER in one window it will be easy to use and
5.1 taskbar support > window preview replace window preview with playtime; scrolling title; album cover; ... (maybe by installing advanced taskbar support)

bugs need to fixe...

2.1 nonfiction area > playback controls icon > "PLAY" add title info by mouseover text like agent-icon or playback controls icon
2.2 nonfiction area > playback controls icon > "PLAY/PAUSE" update right icon by click
3.1 taskbar support  > control support > hide PLAY  button because PAUSE is PLAY/PAUSE and update Icon by click
3.2 advanced taskbar support > does not open file explorer by click on button

thanks for this great project!

Wishlist / Feature Requests / Re: my bug & wishlist
« on: September 01, 2019, 03:50:49 AM »
I'm going to need a bit of time to fully read through everything & work out what is being asked for vs what can already be done vs what would need a complete rewrite as some of the things from a quick scan are down to the modern skin engine & that's not something we've got access to.

The forum supports utf-8 so I'm not sure the requested unicode support comment at the end of the quite long list.

Finally for this acknowledgement reply, there's mention of things to do with the 5.8 betas & I need to make it clear that I refuse on principal to install those builds so I don't know some of what is being asked for in relation to them & I will not be copying any files from those versions.


Right take your time :-)
soon fix some sentences and add new bugs & wishes

hm mean need bbc-code buttons

Wishlist / Feature Requests / my bug & wishlist
« on: August 31, 2019, 01:21:27 PM »
Hello, i have listened to this project and i think it would by nice to bring it forword.
i want to support u.
my english is not so good maybe i tray it in german.

Here i have a list of bugs and wishes.

v1.0.5.4130 (bigbento modern v1.1):
bugs need to fixe

    - needs many bugfixes....
    - maybe upradeable to 5.8 support
    - on first start: Big Bento "from v5.5 to 5.666 (5.8)"
    - browser shoutcast does not run
    - webplayer fix by shoutcast/soundcloud searchig for artist only right show on  exit browser firefox
    - show 3 icons for reader, browser, lokal it looks better
    - secure search engine!
    - fps bug by moving window on windows 10 skin
    - auto docing and auto hide automaticly by docing on top right left bottom
    - moredocing bugs must be fixed!
    - bug by mousover on agent icon if winamp runing it will be crashed down
    - scaling design 100 is smaler than the orginal
    - radio station does not work, player crashed by starting station
    - change search text "internet" to "google" because it calls "wikipedia" than -"encyclopedie" right? and add asecure search like
    - big bento modern:  icon off in shate mode if "icon of is activate"
    - big bento modern: playtime text-size to big. the text are not correct showing

my wishes

    - after instalation made portable able kopie of the lokal installed player
    - milkdrop2: new visuals
    - project for milkdrop3  or other & better?
    - android support
    - cloud support:, drive for backup/sync settings, playlists maybe play music from cloud. iw would be nice for the portable mode!
    - select language by installation (german)
    - Call "Web Reader" "Browser" an showicon to switch betwen "lokal" and "internet browser"
    - lokal browser: add "open in new tab"
    - lokal browser: browse more options like drivecloudfolder; portable driver...
    - search box for options
    - support language packs
    - add soundcloud auto-download for offline listening (autodownload playlist/channel/podcast)
    - update soundcloud playlist automaticly?
    - "most wanted" plugin optional by installer like "plugin: tray icon controol"
    - record button
    - add downloadmanager auto stream (download) for Playlists/streams/podcasts/ plugins/ themes/ visualls/languagefile mdofiactions and also(Videos like youtube maybe)
    - upgrade browser like firefox (supports adons like downloa button and  it will be help to impliemnt web contents and streams between browse (adon) and winamp!
    - add shoutcast & radiostations to favorites on "internet browser"
    - update interface (...)
    - alternativ libary view like cover dubeboxe
    - firsttart install profile: default/looks good/maximum  performance
    - set "scroling sontickeras default""croling in taskbar"; "actiavte agent/trayicon controol", taskbar controol, and also like as window mous over scaling 60 %, doced toolbar on top and auto hide on as defualt profile (or looks good)
    - cloud support like drive, mega, dropbox ( & sync option)
    - controol via keyboard on setting and buttons
    - fix minimal player on top ondesktop window and give a option to scroling in and out & always on top)
    - show playerview optional on buttom in all skins!
    - add ^^" search in playlist" for default profile
    - add scaling left and right + autohide
    - hide winamp agent if winamp is runing/ replace to winamp tray icon if winamp runing / merg agent and winamp tray icon on runing winamp
    - show "activate/deactivate agent" and "tray icon controol" on winamp rightlick menü from winamp icon if running winamp

    - merg winamp tray icon with controol tray icon (and winamp agent): controol tray icon = rightclick menü from basic tray icon menü // (merg with agent/start agent if winamp close & close agent if winamp runing) give agent option to defualt tray icon if winamp running
    - if scaling window, use vector-skin to made sizeable in HD! ;-)
    - add mor equilizer profiles like techno, speak,
    - big bento modern: tab
    - add radiostation:  is verry good german  station for electronic | Electronic | Prog-House |Progressiv | Psytrance |
    - forum: unicodes for better support

if you dont understand pleas ask me.

edit: this list will be fixed soon

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