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Unless I think you're going to be helpful, not all requests will be accepted but might still be later on. Remember that beta testing is to help me & the limitations currently works for my needs for this project.

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Resolved Issues / Re: 3 problems discovered in 4 days(read inside)
« on: January 12, 2020, 07:44:21 PM »
More screenshots.

Resolved Issues / Re: 3 problems discovered in 4 days(read inside)
« on: January 12, 2020, 07:43:33 PM »
Regarding the skin issue well it's not related to changing skin from classic to modern.
It happens when you resize the playlist in modern skin.
Try to do this and see if it appears for you too Darren.
Check out the screenshots.

Thanks for checking the issues, and for keeping Winamp experience alive.
WACUP is already my main music player.

Wish you strength throughout this project.

Thanks for the great work.
There are two things I thought can be handled better:

1. When you add new songs using "Add Files" the last opened directory will persist, however when you add folder via "Add Folder" and you want to add another folder, the directory doesn't persist. I think it would be convenient if it did, for example if you wan't to add several albums from the same artist.

2. When there is only one excluded file, and that excluded file is played it crashes WACUP. This happened when I wanted to crop a song but accidentally excluded it, when I cropped and played it crashed the player. I think currently WACUP skips the excluded files but if there is only one excluded file it will turn into a loop.

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