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General Discussion / Milkdrop on system audio?
« on: May 03, 2021, 07:02:00 PM »
Hi! Any plans to give Milkdrop the ability to react to system audio, and not just media being played by WACUP?

I recall the original builds of Winamp had this ability, I believe by listening to the "Stereo Mix" device that was common on soundcards.

Because Milkdrop does things related to keyboard input (e.g. preset menu navigation & a few other things), it doesn't generically pass on keyboard presses it receives but doesn't handle to the main window unlike most of the other plug-in windows that WACUP provides.

The space key is used by Milkdrop in a long standing action to pick a different preset to render. I get that is at conflict of the usage of space within other changes that WACUP have introduced but I'm not sure about changing the default Milkdrop handling.

So I'm not sure what the best approach is to take with this.


Totally fair - would a key remap option be in the cards? Winamp (and now Reaper!) has championed customization from the beginning, and it would be great for those of us looking to really get in there to 'unmap' Space in Milkdrop to free it for it's new (much improved!) use.


Win10 LTSC.

If the Visualizer is focused, it prevents WACUP from receiving keys like Space (stop/start), forcing you to have to click on the player window to refocus...essentially defeating the purpose of using the keyboard.

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