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Author Topic: feature questions: "DJ mode" ( WASAPI output selection ) / Language support  (Read 1379 times)


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The following current feature questions about Version Preview:

1. It should be possible to start WaCup twice  and to receive the sound in parallel on different outputs? According to research on the web

Didn't make it. Would like music in one instance listen in advance. Sort of like a "DJ mode"
Music is played in one instance and music is previewed in the other instance for music selection decision in the other instance.

Further, I couldn't activate plugins like SQRsoft Advanced Crossfading 1.7.9

My  Setup: notebook, internal speaker and USB headset

Controlling the output via the Windows Control Panel is not a problem.

   Options:  ( Enabled  )

   -) Allow multiple instances

   -) WASAPI configuration and select from the output (speaker)

     Options :

     WASAPI Configuration
       Output Device

2. Further research on the web suggested installing MediaMonkey and configure the output and start WaCup in parallel.

    A song can be copied from MediaMonkey -> WaCup to the Queue Manager with drag/drop

   -) Installation of MediaMonkey
   -) WASAPI configuration and select from the output possible without any problems.
      Also no setting with Windows control panel necessary:

      MediaMonkey WASAPI output  out_WASAPI.ddl

Transfer to Queue Manager does not work 100%!

Is it generally possible to make a selection via WASAPI Configuration and Output Device? In my tests I could not configure it.

3. Switching WaCup with Windows Short Cuts

With <alt> <tab> I can switch to other Windows applications, with the default setting of WaCup it was not possible.

With tests I found out, only with Priority Class setting Above Normal it was possible
   otherwise WaCup only ran in the "foreground" and switching to other applications was not possible.

Options :

  Priority Class Above Normal

Then Windows Short Cuts <alt> <tab> are possible.

4. Language support

Currently the default language is English, when will other languages ​​be available?

Here is information about other languages, such as German

Kind regards
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When it comes to 3rd party plug-ins, if you've installed WACUP in portable mode then you may need to enable the option (preferences -> advanced -> portable) to allow 3rd party plug-ins to be used as they're not by default in a portable install as I don't know what is or isn't going to correctly work & ensure the install is truely portable.

For localisation, support will not be formally implemented & enabled until after WACUP leaves its preview status. Too much is changing that makes it not fair to keep language packs updated. I also plan on doing some aspects differently compared to what I'd done when I did the localisation support implementation for Winamp so what came before just will not be directly compatible.

I'll need to read over the rest of what you've put when I'm more awake than I am at this time & reply later on.