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General Discussion / Re: Suggestion for playing control
« on: October 13, 2021, 07:43:46 PM »
Hah, there are already there, in plugins section!!!
I found them!
Both, excluder and playlist_remover!
Thank you, DrO, you are awesome!

General Discussion / Re: Suggestion for playing control
« on: October 13, 2021, 07:02:54 PM »
Or maybe autoremove already played from playlist? It should be easier than exclude-feature

General Discussion / Suggestion for playing control
« on: October 11, 2021, 05:31:32 AM »
I already posted here a questions about play count control. The goal is to play a song in a playlist only ONE time, without repeating, even without shufflle table saving and even after crahses or another issues such a play table regenerate.
I find a feature called "Exclude files..." in a playlist (via Alt-X). I guess that it simply switch off a track from, can you add a feature to Auto-Exclude already played files? Winamp will exclude a files from playlist when simply started a song, no duration control, an easy way. That's a solve for a question about repeaiting.
Of course, exclude table must be saved between sessions.
And, after all, when playlist reached the end - user can simply create a new playlist with Auto-Exclude enabled or maybe Auto-include all tracks after playlist reached the end.
And there is no new reworks or develope because this feature is already in WACAP.
Thanks for reading.

Thanks. I will try 8282.

And what about this?
" the first  songs cannot be heard again as they are back in the shuffle history."
Can you add an ability to prevent re-generating shuffle table when new items added in a playlist?
Or, maybe, an ability to control play count of files (maybe on a MD5-identification or something else, based on a playlist/internal wacup algorithms/etc...) as alternative.

I want to explain my task more correctly:

I want to add new songs into the same playlist, and want WACUP inserted these new songs randomly sometime later in the existing shuffled sequence, so the first  songs cannot be heard again as they are back in the shuffle history.

I created a GIF described all pre-movings. I just drag files in a playlist. And then WACUP begins to repeat songs.

ok, I will record a gif about this.

I simply drag new files in a WACUP playlist. That's all.
And shuffle begins repeat older songs. WACUP also plays some new, but the fact is that shuffle repeats songs which was already played. Today it repeats 50% of played songs.

An option like "don't repeat" with an additional hidden playlist and play couunt control.

Ok, but can you add the ability to stop shuffle from regenerate new playlist until all songs from playlist are played (including newest). I add new songs every day and it will be better (imho :) that WACAUP shouldn't play older songs which was already played in current playlist (count 1).
Sorry my English, hope, you understand. Thanks.

When "Preserve shuffle table between sessions" enabled, WACUP repeats songs.
I can proof it on my music library - WACUP REPEATS.
But he shouldn't do that (by logic of this setting).
If you provide me with beta-version with play log function (make a log of played songs), I can proof that.
Sometimes it repeats 1-2 songs. Sometimes - 4-5 songs over 20 play positions.
Number of repeats increases when I add new songs to a playlist.
How can I avoid repeats? Thanks.

I see that shuffle diagnosis table shows that just added songs can be put in a middle or in a start of a table (like before), but for now they all are played. Thanks for your work.

Based on your description - it's a best solution. I will test it as soon as you put out new beta or release.

Sounds great!

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