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Skins / Re: wasabi.list.text.selected.background.inactive
« on: January 30, 2024, 08:10:50 PM »
Replied in the original thread.

Skins / Re: wasabi.list.text.selected.background.inactive
« on: January 28, 2024, 09:14:31 PM »
I have just found out why skins without a wasabi.list.text.selected.background.inactive colour definition crash WACUP for me but not for you. If the Windows display language is set to English then there are no crashes. If it is set to Hungarian then there are. I reported this here.

Skins / Re: wasabi.list.text.selected.background.inactive
« on: January 28, 2024, 12:46:13 PM »
Hi Aminifu,

It makes no difference for me.

Now, if an undefined wasabi.list.text.selected.background.inactive colour element crashes WACUP for me but not for you then there must be something else that triggers the crashes, in addition to the undefined colour element. Maybe some memory leak that may crash WACUP on weaker computers but not on more powerful ones.

I am experiencing the crashes on a laptop with Intel® Core™ i3-7100U CPU @2.40GHz×4, 8 GiB of RAM, integrated graphics.

Skins / Re: wasabi.list.text.selected.background.inactive
« on: January 26, 2024, 07:54:38 AM »
All 22 modern skins in my collection load just fine with WACUP beta version 18106.

Are you still using JVC Tape v1.2? If so, does it really not crash build for you?

Skins / Re: wasabi.list.text.selected.background.inactive
« on: January 25, 2024, 06:44:37 PM »
How about we wait to have a fixed WACUP beta build to use...

As a matter of fact, my Study skin is a kind of tutorial skin and it had been on my todo list to add some more colour definitions long before the recent crashes. The crashes simply gave me the push to do it.

Why I only mentioned wasabi.list.text.selected.background.inactive and not the many other colour definitions that I had added? Well, because I do not think anyone would care much about those additions while many modern skins are crashing WACUP.

The release notes at WinCustomize and DeviantArt do not say a single word about the crashes, only the additions of colour definitions with explanatory comments.

Skins / Re: wasabi.list.text.selected.background.inactive
« on: January 25, 2024, 06:20:00 AM »
Most modern skins define that colour in system-colors.xml.

Skins / Re: Ariszló’s Study Skin released
« on: January 24, 2024, 11:03:50 PM »
Version 1.4.2 was uploaded today to WinCustomize, DeviantArt and here, too.
The discussion about wasabi.list.text.selected.background.inactive is continued here

Skins / Re: Ariszló’s Study Skin released
« on: January 12, 2024, 04:59:45 PM »
Version 1.4.1 is now up at WinCustomize and DeviantArt
  • The only news is that went down :( so the link is now pointing to the Wayback Machine.

Skins / six-digit-elapsed-remaining.maki
« on: January 06, 2024, 10:49:37 PM »
This shows elapsed time in one text object and remaining time in another one. If the song is longer than an hour then elapsed/remaining time is shown in HH:MM:SS format, if shorter then in MM:SS.CC format, where CC = centiseconds.

Skins / Re: Defix Neom (skin)
« on: January 05, 2024, 07:29:51 AM »
That's a gen_ff handling issue which can affect any skin.

You are working on it so you must know but I cannot trigger the invisible list view bug with any other skin I am using.

The following steps always trigger the bug for me:
  • Switch to Winamp Modern and close WACUP.
  • Remove (or rename) studio.xnf
  • Launch WACUP.
  • Close the Playlist Editor window while still in Winamp Modern.
  • Switch to Defix Neom Trinity. Its windows will be on top of one another. Move them apart.
What distinguishes Defix Neom Trinity from other skins is that it is a hybrid of SUI and multi-window skins so there must be something wrong in the mixture that triggers the bug.

Edit: fixed some grammar for better intelligibility.

Skins / Re: Defix Neom (skin)
« on: January 04, 2024, 06:20:47 PM »
Both Defix Neom 100 and Defix Neom Trinity are smooth, elegant skins but I have found a glitch with the Trinity skin. Occasionally, when I switch to Trinity from another skin, the list view area of the playlist editor is fully transparent, showing the desktop instead of the playlist. What is even more strange is that when I click on the Close button of the playlist editor, instead of closing the window, it now shows the playlist. Once the playlist is shown, I can close the playlist editor window.

Also, most of the color themes look much the same as the default theme.except Noir, which changes the seek and volume animations to grey, and Macintosh Full, which is plain ugly.

Apart from the above issues, both skins are really great.  8)

Skins / Re: It's almost christmas, new modern skin : Cell V1
« on: December 19, 2023, 11:38:57 PM »
Nostalgic for Sonique, aren't you? The drop shadow of the layout with visualization looks better than the drop shadow of the layout with cover art.  8)

Skins / Re: Switching layouts
« on: October 15, 2023, 03:41:52 PM »
Hi parisienne17,

You can do it with buttons whose action is "SWITCH" and the param is the id of the layout you want to switch to.

  action="SWITCH" param="normal"
  x="?" y="?"
  tooltip="Switch to normal mode"

  action="SWITCH" param="stick"
  x="?" y="?"
  tooltip="Switch to stick mode"

Skins / Re: How do I edit the *Entire* skin?
« on: August 14, 2023, 09:06:29 PM »
It is the standardframe.xml that skins the rest of the skin.
My Study Skin has a very simple standardframe.xml for a starter. Winamp Modern has a more advanced one.

Skins / Quinto Black CT v3.8 released
« on: July 29, 2023, 06:18:58 PM »
Quinto Black CT is the best skeuomorphic Winamp skin for modern desktops, imho. In his 2018 blog entry, dro mentions it as one of the "two skins that stand out from the last year".

Get version 3.8 here.

Unfortunately, Quinto's installer is not WACUP-friendly but there is a workaround to install it for WACUP.

This post will guide you how you can install Quinto for WACUP in the following two scenarios:
  • You have both WACUP and Winamp on your machine.
  • You only have WACUP and do not want to install Winamp just for the sake of Quinto.
1. You have both WACUP and Winamp on your machine
  • Launch the installer and install Quinto for Winamp.
  • Copy the Quinto Black CT v3.8 directory from C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\Skins to C:\Program Files (x86)\Wacup\Skins
2. You only have WACUP (and do not want to install Winamp)
  • In File Explorer, go to C:\Program Files (x86)
  • Create a new folder named Winamp
  • Enter the newly created Winamp folder and create a new folder named Skins
  • Copy winamp.exe from C:\Program Files (x86)\Wacup to C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp*
  • Launch the installer and install Quinto into the Winamp directory
  • Copy the Quinto Black CT v3.8 directory from C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\Skins to C:\Program Files (x86)\Wacup\Skins
  • Delete the Winamp folder.
*You do not really need the real winamp.exe. It is in fact enough to create a 0-byte plain text file with the filename winamp.exe.

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