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Author Topic: Winamp Classic skins as GUI for a retro stylised operating system  (Read 602 times)


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First of all, thank you for developing WACUP, it is wonderful and I am absolutely in love with it.

So, a thought came to me lately. When it comes to the good old Winamp, the classic skins have always been my favourite aspect of it. We all know that an insane amount of skins had been made by incredibly talented people that are now kind of in limbo. Still used and loved by fans like us but not really accessible or known to most folks. Seeing how retro aesthetics and nostalgia for pixelated visuals are a major thing now, why not an entire GUI for let's say Linux based on Winamp Classic skins. I would love to have a retro themed operating system that would look and feel like old Winamp where you could change the skins on the go.

There is a GUI for XFCE called Chicago95 that simulates the looks and behaviour of Windows 95 so something similar but based on Winamp Classic should not be too difficult I imagine??

Anyway, I'm not a developer but would be willing to commit to a project like this if anyone would be willing to help me out and advise on how to approach this? Or is this a completely stupid idea?