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It's hard-coded handling within the core to help the hotkey plug-in with some other reported Alt+<modifier>+<key> issues, just it didn't allow for the simpler Alt+<key> to work correctly all of the time & needs a newer WACUP core dll & hotkey plug-in to resolve it. So not something that can be disabled to workaround it - only option for that would be going for Alt+<modifier>+<key>


Thank you for the explanation. I thought it was some of the plugins that was responsible for this but now I see that is not that.

Hi binco81,

I, for one, do use the 'advance to next on stop' option so disabling it is not a viable fix for your issue, imo. Hopefully dro will be able to fix your issue in the next release without having to disable any of the current WACUP functions.

Yes, I understand people use it. The part I said about "disabling it since I don't use it" would be like me disabling a specific plugin that possibly controls this part.

I wasn't suggesting to remove this function from WACUP, I was just curious if disabling some specific plugin on my end would make a temporary fix for this problem here, without affecting anyone else.

It's a processing conflict with the 'advance to next on stop' option which is handled via Alt+Click & due to how the stop hotkey is sent the handler isn't seeing that it's from within a hotkey action & so toggles that option instead of doing the stop that's wanted. Will look to get it fixed for the next build.


Thank you for looking into it.

In the meantime, is there a workaround to "fix" this? Like disabling the function using the ALT+CLICK since I don't use it?

Possible bug

I started using WACUP recently but I noticed a weird behavior while trying to set some Global Hotkeys that I always used with Winamp 5.666 and other previous Winamp ersions without any problems.

When I try to use the combination of ALT+anything (a few hotkeys I tried: ALT+1, ALT+S, ALT+numpad 3) for the "Playback: Stop" function, WACUP doesn't show any error and allows this combination, but when the music is playing, it just won't stop the music when using those hotkeys. If I use literally the same combinations (ALT+1, ALT+S, ALT+numpad 3) for "Playback: Play" or "Playback: Pause", it works normally.

I tried replacing ALT with CTRL and use the same combinations for the second key (CTRL+1, CTRL+S, CTRL+numpad 3) for "Playback: Stop" and it works normally. Even CTRL+ALT+anything works. It just won't work with ALT+any combination for some weird reason.

I even used Hotkey Screener to see if another program was using those hotkeys, but it said wacup.exe was the "owner" of the hotkeys using ALT+something, so it appears to WACUP is not saving or blocking the use of ALT+anything for the "Playback: Stop".

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