Latest restricted WACUP beta release is build #14638 (February 23rd 2023) (x86 & x64 changelogs) | Latest WACUP public preview is build #7236 (March 11th 2021) (x86 only)

NOTE: Beta testers are added in a limited & subjective manner as I can only support so many people as part of the beta test program to keep it useful for my needs.

Unless I think you're going to be helpful, not all requests will be accepted but might still be later on. Remember that beta testing is to help me & the limitations currently works for my needs for this project.

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Thank you Darren,
glad to see the command line feature back, and my ability to beta test :)
looking forward to testing the latest versions & changes.

should upgrade in the coming weeks.

Hopefully the freeze feature should solve my Video window resize issue.
Any plans to add this feature to modern skins? Worst case I'll use classic skins.

Is a new API still on your list of features to implement?

Thanks again for all the great work on WACUP.


The option added a couple of beta builds back to freeze classic skins windows positions goes a long way toward satisfying the reason for this request. Thank you for adding it.

I don't use WACUP to play video files, but I assume the related improvements in this area are also appreciated.

At which version was this option to freeze classic skins windows positions added?

just curious as I'm still on 7236
(Loading files via the command-line was removed starting from this version;
waiting for it to be reimplemented in the new WACUP core... unless it's been done, haven't checked recently... guess I should  :) [size=78%])[/size]

+1, following.
Been having issues with the video window suddenly resizing even though "resize video window to fit video" is disabled.
This would be a potential workaround until I find the root cause or the issue is fixed.

I guess what some organizations dont understand when acquiring software is the user profile of people actually using the product and their motivations/expectations.

I'm pretty sure most people still using Wacup/Winamp don't give a **** about funky marketing crap and new logos. But a number of us care about features/functionalities and developers listening to users, not marketers.

Also, I'd bet that a lot of us still use it because we want to have control over the media we listen to, not the other we around:

" artists and audio creators we're all about giving you control over your content. We'll help you to connect closely with your fans"

Wow. No. you don't get it... I dont want you to connect with me, I'll let you know if I want to...

And yes some of us like "Blobby gradient experiences" 😂 , thanks Audrey. But we like it fast and CPU/OS efficient. Don't spend your dev time and money on something which already exists (Its called Milkdrop Audrey...)

Oh man... Another streaming app coming...



If the "new" Winamp is as slow as the "new" Winamp website, I wouldn't be too concerned...

Glad this could help;

Fyi, my approach is actually to set a hotkey in the file remover tab which deletes the currently playing file and another hotkey to move the currently playing file to some "approved" folder.
I then load a playlist/folder of files to be auditioned and simply delete/approve files as they play.

"Preferences - playlist - file remover"
Is what I use here; can even delete file while song is playing.
As per your use case, I use it to cleanup my "auditioning" folder and quickly move songs to the correct genre folders.
Actually a benefit vs classic Winamp.

Wishlist / Feature Requests / Re: Feature Requests
« on: June 23, 2021, 03:10:31 PM »
Thanks Darren, not surprised either.

Yes I can still use it with local/static LRC files

but other than reading/displaying LRC files, the main benefit of Minilyrics was the fact that it was automatically searching/downloading locally LRC data. (*Synchronized* lyrics) or flat txt files when LRC unavailable.

So even if it was unsupported, it would still find recent lyrics files. Not sure exactly what was the search engine behavior and where it was looking for files but it did work and you could manually search/see/select your preferred version if needed. You could also contribute and edit/upload your own LRC files. Which means there must be some repository on the web, hopefully not Minilyrics proprietary; otherwise some sort of repository would probably be needed.

The format itself ,LRC , is not proprietary and I guess would be the best approach as it was common enough that people were still contributing to the database.

In a nutshell, what would be needed is:

- Ability to read/display LRC files (Winamp Skinned)
- Automated search engine/repository for LRC files.
- Offset setting.
- Lyrics/timing editor to maintain contributions

Thanks for considering this on the wishlist.


Wishlist / Feature Requests / Re: Feature Requests
« on: June 22, 2021, 01:41:06 AM »
Adding to this thread as it is directly related:
DrO, I know you were not a big fan of Minilyrics, but for my use case (displaying synchronnized lyrics), it was working really fine.
Unfortunately, it was not supported/updated for a while and the servers now seems to be shut down for good ( is down as welll as the lyrics server(s)).
I also know it's not top priority on the wishlist but just adding my voice for a replacement solution.
Also, if anyone has any decent alternative for synchronized lyrics, please share your feedback.
Soundhound/Shazam offer synced lyrics but I doubt there is any type of API available.

General Discussion / WACUP Home automation integration - Homeseer
« on: March 14, 2021, 11:20:46 PM »
For anyone interested in home automation:

I integrated WACUP to my HA platform ( Homeseer ) so I can control it via my wall mounted tablets (along with lighting/appliances control and other HA features)

Have a look at the demo below and feel free to share questions, suggestions or comments.
Thanks to DrO for helping out and Jon00 for the HS plugin;

There are still some hurdles to a perfect integration, especially with the Media Library polling ( would love to get rid of the Ajaxamp/Ampwifi dependancy) but I'm hopeful a revamped API is somewhere in DrO's already quite long todo list =)

Demo: (other copy on Youtube but seems to be blocked in some countries due to the music contents)

Homeseer forum discussion:


2 other DSPs which have current maintainers


Dynamic Audio Normaliser (open source)

Nice find, actually 1by1 is from the same developper as Compwide (Martin Pesch) , just an updated version, will give it a try.

Glad to see it's still maintained, it does a great job.

From release notes:


2020-06-04 v2.0
Name changed from "Compressor & Wider" to "1by1's Enhancers"
Enhancer 2 (Multiband) engine updated from latest 1by1 version

This plugin works, but when the configuration page is open (Plugins own Configuration window) WACUP main window stops responding to any mouse click. and all key presses are also ignored. but WACUP keeps playing the song. Keyboard multimedia keys work indicating WACUP is running properly except accepting any mouse or keyboard event directly.

Are you using the latest WACUP beta? I used to have problems with it but it's now owrking properly and I don't experience the issues you are describing.

Hi AdmiralRaccoon,

not sure how invested you are in HomeAssistant but have a look at Homeseer, a great and highly customizable plugin has been developped for Winamp:  (Developer Jon00)

You can customize and manage most WACUP controls via Homeseer dashboard/Android clients.
Jon00 and DrO have been very kind/helpful to facilitate the Homeseer/WACUP integration;
there are still some challenges to make the integration seemless (Library management, JTFE access, etc) but DrO has API/Webserver improvements on the roadmap.
Until a new API is out, I highly doubt we will see another dedicated Android Winamp/WACUP app on the playstore.

Meanwhile, you can also use the Android app "Ampwifi" to complement (The developer is still active/responsive - I use Ampwifi to navigate folders and enqueue via JTFE);
I've used/tested all Android/Winamp interfaces, including AWARemote Pro, PlayaControl, Remote control for winamp, etc.  but the most stable/usable/still active is Ampwifi at the moment.

Hope this helps, feel free to reach out if needed.



I was also using Volumelogic at one point but switched to Compwide:

If you're looking to normalize volume levels, give it a try. works great here.

Hope this helps,


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