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General Discussion / Re: Milkdrop on system audio?
« on: September 19, 2021, 05:33:44 AM »
Hi! I wish dro you could bring that function to wacup!! this will be epic!

shouldn't be too hard to use the code from beatdrop loopback-capture ? no?

I did a big upgrade, version 3.0 is here!

-50% more presets included in the exe file (100 new really cool ones, I mashed most of them)
-fixed a tones of TStringList bugs
-auto-generate really works 100% now, I'm super happy with the results.
-much faster randomize everything code, much more stable
this is now my favorite option, you can get crazy results!

overall the code is much more stable and faster, and better!

Also I've wrapped something cool called MilkDrop2077+

-100% portable version of MilkDrop
-1 single exe file (only 10mb!)
-Works with any audio input (YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Winamp ect...)
-New effects auto-generated on every launch

How it works :
-MilkDrop2077+ is a mix of BeatDrop Music Visualizer and MilkDrop2077
-On startup it will check if the DirectX 9.0 Runtime are installed
-If not found, it will prompt the user for a quick automated setup
-When clicking on the start button, it will create a folder TempDir/2077
-Then extract all the BeatDrop files in
-Then auto-generate 100 presets with random values and effect
-Start BeatDrop in fullscreen mode

download :

If anyone knows how MilkDrop / BeatDrop works, I'd like to deactivate all the nCanvasStretch and nTexSize, or I want to know what's the best value to avoid loosing quality.
BeatDrop visuals looks more flatten compare to MilkDrop, any ideas why?

General Discussion / Re: Winamp Forum Down ...
« on: March 17, 2021, 07:55:42 PM »
dro you should add a milkdrop section on this forum

it works on all the computers, except Nitorami's laptops  :P
the false positives where coming from crappy AV simply because the v1.0 was developed with delphi7,   
now that the code has been ported to LAZARUS it's been fixed.

milkdrop is crashing with some presets, I've included the Crash_Reports if you could have a look :

Hey guys,
I've spent the last 3 months of my life coding a tool that may interest a few people here :  :P

MilkDrop2077 can auto-generate preset, mashup code from Frame/Pixel/Warp/Comp,
randomize values in a smart way, change colors, add effects ect...


How to use it :
1. select if you want to auto-generate or mash-up presets
2. if you mash-up, select your favorite presets folder (input folder)
3. select the output folder (were the new generated presets will be created)
4. select how many presets would you like to create (default 100, 1 to 9999)
5. choose the level of randomization (0 to 5), check the options menu for more controls
6. click on GO!

How I use it
I create 500 presets, load MilkDrop2077.0001, press the 'r' key to load in SEQUENTIAL order, and press h,h,h...
You can go fast and comeback if you see something good (not like pressing the 'a' key in milkdrop!)

Don't expect all the new created presets to all looks amazing, a lot of them looks average or broken,
some will be corrupt, but with a good input folder and a bit of luck, you can create something beautiful and 'new'.

Check the I've included 50 presets created with MilkDrop2077,
I've lost track about how much they've been mashed or randomized, but they look pretty amazing to me.
What is really cool if how the randomized value will affect the motion/colors/wave form ect.

Source code here :
it's coded with LAZARUS, and the good news is, even if you don't code, you could recompile and modify the program easily :
pascal = same syntax than milkdrop preset.

sorry for self-promotion, but hey it's free and open-source  :)

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