Latest WACUP beta release is build #9166 (October 21st 2021) | Latest WACUP public preview is build #7236 (March 11th 2021)

NOTE: New beta testers are not currently being added as I need to re-work the beta test program

If you've not already requested to be a beta tester & would like to then please send a PM to 'dro' to be added to the beta test group.

Note: requests to be a beta tester are processed in batches when new beta builds are released so please by patient of this process.

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Preview Build Discussion / Crash on exit + long playlist loading time
« on: March 22, 2021, 01:21:24 AM »
Since the last 2 preview versions, WACUP always crashes when closing the program. Either by file/close or by pressing the close button.
Another issue I have is the fact that, everytime I start the program the first time (usually after a reboot), WACUP insists on checking my long playlist file by file, making it a lot longer to start playing anything. This doesn't happen if I re-start the program a second time (even if it had crashed again on close).
Crash report for WACUP Preview v1.0.21.7236

winamp.original caused an access violation (0xc0000005) in module ntdll.dll at 22/3/2021 01:17:34 for user "Abilio_KID"
Write to location 0x00000014 caused an access violation.

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