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Preview Build Discussion / Re: Wacup go to next song when i rate MP4 file
« on: January 05, 2021, 08:28:15 AM »
Hello, I noticed the same behavior (WACUP progressing to next song upon closing the Alt+3 dialog with either OK button or Enter) when modifying ID3 tags of the currently playing audio file, no matter what the file type was.

Plus yet another observation and possibly another manifestation of the same bug...

Changing the currently playing track from within the Media Library segment list (not from the Playlist Editor) results in playing the track following after the one I actually double-clicked on. E.g. I have 10 tracks queued for playback and the first one is playing. I double-click on the fourth track in the Media Library track list and hear/observe the fifth track actually starts to play, not the fourth one. This behavior is limited to the Media Library list, changing the tracks in the Playlist Editor works correctly.

Hello, just a kind reminder. Have you been able to duplicate my earlier findings related to the dual-monitor setup and/or have you even managed to pinpoint the rootcause of the issue? On my setup I'm still getting the same WACUP window resize problem with the latest Preview build

I also recently noticed yet another scenario when WACUP window resizes correctly to the full-screen size - and that's when the computer gets woken up from the sleep (not sure though if it applies to all power saving states or only to "deeper sleep" ones).

Thanks in advance!

One other thing to do would be to remove the studio.xnf file within the WACUP settings folder whilst WACUP isn't running & see if that behaves or not (is the equivalent of an uninstall without loosing other settings).

I've already tried both before opening this topic here on the forum - removing the studio.xnf and performing clean WACUP reinstall - neither helped.

I'll need to do some digging into what I can patch with the 5.666 compile of gen_ff being used to get it working correctly...

Hold on please - unless I misunderstood your intention to revisit the original 5.666 code - there's nothing wrong with the 5.666, it has always worked flawlessly for me in this aspect, hence I consider this to be a WACUP specific problem. To confirm that statement, I've just got rid of the 5.8 instance and replaced it with the 5.666 version and the Winamp window got immediately resized to the correct 1200x1600 size.

Another thought, are you running any software that might relate to the monitor that does zoning or any other related handling? Also are they aligned side-by-side in the monitor preferences or one above each other or any other type of alignment ?

No, I don't use any kind of desktop layout modification software, just a regular nVidia drivers. See attached screenshot - it shows both my desktop layout setup and the offset WACUP window.

Possible hint 1: You can see that I use negative vertical offset of the secondary/WACUP display by default (it's offset by -160 points vertically). If I change the offset in the nVidia control panel to +160 points while WACUP is running, WACUP window can be suddently expanded to the full 1200x1600 resolution. However once I restart WACUP, its window gets shrunk to 1200x1440 again. Or more precisely, immediately after WACUP restarts, it's window appears to be expanded to the correct resolution of 1200x1600 for a split second, but shrinks almost immediately to 1200x1440. I can duplicate exactly the same behavior going from the possitive offset to negative one. As I mentioned before, similiar temporary workaround effect can be achieved when I adjust Window Settings -> Scaling to e.g. 125% and then shrink it back to 100% again.

Possible hint 2: Winamp v5.8 Build 3660 does not exhibit this problem. It goes straight to 1200x1600 every time.

Have you by any chance been experiencing crashes on closing?

No, I have experienced no crashes of that kind. If I remember correctly, the only crash of the recent version of WACUP happened for me while running the initial indexing of my >100GB music library.

What WACUP build are you using?

It's the most recent one publicly available - from Feb 28 2020.

Preview Build Discussion / Window resize problem with dual-monitor setup
« on: February 29, 2020, 08:50:59 PM »
I've been using a dual-monitor setup with the primary display set to 2560x1440 resolution, the secondary one to 1200x1600 (i.e. 1600x1200 display set to portrait mode) and running WACUP w/ Big Bento Modern Windows 10 skin on the secondary display.

The problem I have is that WACUP is unable to automatically resize its window size to 1200x1600 resolution, it can only reach 1200x1440 for some reason. I'm able to temporarily get it resized to 1200x1600 when I adjust Window Settings -> Scaling to e.g. 125% and then shrink it back to 100% again. After restarting the application the vertical screen limit is however always immediately re-set to match the vertical resolution of the primary display and the WACUP windows size gets again shrunk to 1200x1440. Is there known workaround allowing me to retain the 1200x1600 window size after WACUP restart? Thanks in advance!

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