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After another reboot (today) and the times went up again. I really don't get what's going on with this issue.


After a defrag:

Main Playlist:   40974.785ms

Well, here's the log:

I will check those 2 options and then test it after a reboot. At the moment I'm doing some important work on PC (I work from home) so I have to do it later. As for the time it takes on the HD... my music library is stored on a 1 TB HDD, not an SSD. It's a big collection that I've been putting together for about 20 years or so^^. I have 3 SSDs but none of them has music.

Hmm... I decided to compare the playlist in "C:\Users\Abilio_KID\AppData\Roaming\Winamp" with the one saved from WACUP to disc. The Winamp one has the full path to each file entry, the WACUP one doesn't? I mean, WACUP knows where the files are but if I save a new playlist to disk it won't have the full path?

#EXTINF:241,Lali Puna - Awaiting An Accident (Remix Fo
F:\Pedro\sons\Musicas\Lali Puna\2005 - I Thought I Was Over That\CD 1\04 - Awaiting An Accident (Remix For Boom Bip).mp3

WACUP saved playlist to disc:
#EXTINF:241,Lali Puna - Awaiting An Accident (Remix Fo
Lali Puna\2005 - I Thought I Was Over That\CD 1\04 - Awaiting An Accident (Remix For Boom Bip).mp3

It's probably un-related but shouldn't the full path be in the entries?

For now I'm not using Matrix Mixer, to avoid crashing. Its main purpose was to custom configure 5.1 upmix (there was too much centre speaker). For now I'll have to rely on Sound blaster Z "Surround" for that.
In ATF settings I already changed to "Read metadata only when file(s) are played" but the long loading still happens. Mind you, this is only at first time I start WACUP. If I close it and re-open it, then the loading is fast. It didn't happen a few versions ago.
Is 41180 songs too much? ;D

Yeah, I'm using Matrix Mixer... I disabled it and it stopped crashing (will see after a reboot tomorrow).

Hmm... the playlist is huge. Can't remember but I think I dragged and dropped the main folder over the program, randomised the list, then started playing it.
Is there a setting that forces WACUP to open the playlist and only check each entry when playing it? Like, not even checking at startup if the files really exist.
Got a feeling that the crash may be corrupting the temp winamp playlist on exit or something (just guessing). I will check tomorrow.
Thanks for the help.

Preview Build Discussion / Crash on exit + long playlist loading time
« on: March 22, 2021, 01:21:24 AM »
Since the last 2 preview versions, WACUP always crashes when closing the program. Either by file/close or by pressing the close button.
Another issue I have is the fact that, everytime I start the program the first time (usually after a reboot), WACUP insists on checking my long playlist file by file, making it a lot longer to start playing anything. This doesn't happen if I re-start the program a second time (even if it had crashed again on close).
Crash report for WACUP Preview v1.0.21.7236

winamp.original caused an access violation (0xc0000005) in module ntdll.dll at 22/3/2021 01:17:34 for user "Abilio_KID"
Write to location 0x00000014 caused an access violation.

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