Video in full screen at 1080p

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Video in full screen at 1080p
« on: April 14, 2019, 05:59:59 AM »
Hello good night, I come again requesting something on video or maybe the correction if I do not see it.
The matter is like this, when I open the video window on monitor 2 or extended monitor, in full screen with video_auto_fs = 1 command, specifically at 1080p resolution opens the video without borders, but it does not occupy more than 1280 x 720, it does not matter if I set the resolution manually: video_width = 1920, video_height = 1080, it does not work, I use an AMD R7 500 series video card and I do monitor 2 with HDMI.


Hola buena noche, vengo nuevamente solicitando algo sobre video o talvez la corrección si no la veo.
El asunto este así, cuando abro la ventana de video en el monitor 2 o monitor extendido, en pantalla completa con el comando video_auto_fs = 1, específicamente a resolución 1080p se abre el video ya sin bordes, pero no ocupa más de 1280 x 720, no importa si le coloco la resolución manualmente: video_width=1920, video_height=1080, no funciona, uso una tarjeta de video AMD R7 500 series y hago el monitor 2 con HDMI.




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Re: Video in full screen at 1080p
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2019, 01:00:39 AM »
OK. in plain English, video over a certain size is not scaling to fit the screen.

Is the video file 1920x1080 ?
Is the option to resize the video enabled in WACUP preferences ?

This is not the correct section of the forum for a bug report. This section is for requesting new features.
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