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Wombat Share
« on: March 15, 2019, 02:53:01 PM »
Do you remember Wombat Share? I used this for YEARS to share the contents of my home Winamp media library with another instance I had on my work computer. I loved being able to make playlists of remote media (since library items were exposed as URLs), share these playlists with friends, and even mix and match with local media.


Obviously there were some problems with the design of this particular plugin. URLs were, in fact, public HTTP. Security by obscurity. I could copy and paste the urls of entries in my playlists to anyone, and they could download the file or stream it into their Winamps.  The URLs were also IP based, so if my computer changed public URLs, I'd be hacking m3u files with my new IP :)   Loading the remote library listing took a while, especially with a large number of items (could have benefited from a local copy of the list, and a background sync of some sort). The playlists I created worked locally, but Winamp "streamed" the files instead of doing some magic to access the local copy instead.

Seems to me this would be an amazing WACUP feature/plugin, especially a modernized version with performance and security issues fixed. Too many streaming or remote media access apps are too walled off (Plex and Subsonic, for example, you have to go "all in" on their library systems, which have their own quirks, and aren't nearly as powerful as Winamp)

Thoughts? One more idea for the pile! :)