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Author Topic: How does the contextual menu option of the STOP button work? shutdown  (Read 1835 times)


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Completed work How does the contextual menu option of the STOP button work? Related to closing Winamp, closing Windows session, restarting, shutting down, suspending wintering, and using these only once or always in WACUP.

Although it is understood that what is on the list and conditioned to "when it finishes what is in the playlist" do what you are told or choose in those options, I think you have to select the files in the playlist and press the key "Q", but it really does not work or works partially, and I say it because what it does is repeat the file that is marked as last in the list and after 2 repetitions if it turns off, closes, restarts or what has been said .
I have been using a very old plug in, but it seems that it gives a kind of conflict with the new interfaces called shutdown and appears recurrently in the first menu that uses Winamp no matter if it is contextual, the truth works very well, but I I would like to translate it into Spanish.
Shutdown after playlist has been ended

Well in the case I would like you to explain how the offline context menu works at the end of the Winamp list.

Thank you.


Trabajos terminados ¿Cómo funciona la opción del menú contextual del botón STOP? Relacionadas a cerrar Winamp, cerrar sesión de Windows, reiniciar, apagar, suspender invernar, y usar estas solo una vez o siempre en WACUP.

Aunque se sobre entiende que lo que este en la lista y condicionado a “cuando termine lo que está en la playlist” haga lo que se le diga o elija en esas opciones, creo que hay que seleccionar los archivos en la playlist y presionar la tecla “Q”, pero realmente no me funciona o funciona parcialmente, y lo digo porque lo que hace es repetir el archivo que queda marcado como último en la lista y después de 2 repeticiones si apaga, cierra, reinicia o lo que se le haya dicho.
He estado usando un plug in antiquísimo, pero parece que da una especie de conflicto con las nuevas interfaces se llama shutdown y se aparece recurrentemente en el primer menú que use de Winamp no importando si es el contextual, la verdad funciona muy bien, pero me gustaría traducirlo al español.
Shutdown after playlist has been ended

Bueno en el caso me gustaría que explicaran como funciona el menú contexstual de apagado al finalizar la lista de Winamp.



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Re: How does the contextual menu option of the STOP button work? shutdown
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2019, 09:12:22 PM »
The actions of that sub-menu only work when processing the playback override queue & not just playing things normally within the main playlist.

Unless the bottom option is enabled, they are one time action when that temporary queue completes playback (as long as also other aspects of Winamp aren't conflicting). Without knowing what the old plug-in that you're also trying to use is (which is more likely the reason for issues with the menu options not working as they also rely upon being able to self-close Winamp without it crashing), there's not much I can otherwise suggest as the feature worked as expected when I last tested it.