[SETUP & USAGE DETAILS] Discord Now Playing Integration

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[SETUP & USAGE DETAILS] Discord Now Playing Integration
« on: January 05, 2019, 03:18:42 AM »
To use it you'll need to go to Preferences -> Playback -> Discord tab & enable the mode.

Finally, within Discord, if it is not being automatically seen then you'll need to go to Settings -> Game Activity and with WACUP already running, manually "add it" as a 'game'. This might seem odd and is because we're using something not really intended for this, it will show as 'game' instead of 'listening' on your profile (there's nothing obvious I can do to change this it seems).

Things to note:

The updates are not 'live' and there's up to a 15 second delay on status changes appearing. This is controlled by the Discord api so depending upon when an update is sent from the plug-in to Discord, it might appear within a few seconds or you might have to wait up to the full 15 seconds (which is done as a means to deal with rapid updates that could be annoying or not helpful).

If you don't like the default choice of images used by WACUP on your profile, you can create your own via Discord's application process & then get WACUP to use your app_id instead of the WACUP app_id.

So with WACUP closed (note it must be otherwise it may not be seen correctly), then find your settings folder and within the [gen_yule] section of your winamp.ini file add a discord_app_id=xxx line to it where xxx is your registered discord app_id.

After that, start WACUP & you should see if using your Discord app details instead of what was provided.

To go back to the default handling, with WACUP closed, remove discord_app_id=xxx line and start using WACUP again :)

The image asset ids you need to setup to work with the WACUP plug-in are logo, play, pause & stop (all of which should be self explanatory on what they do).

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