EBU R128 loudness normalisation

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Re: EBU R128 loudness normalisation
« Reply #15 on: June 07, 2019, 08:20:05 AM »
I thought I had been open minded in providing the 2 common methods that other players are using so a) I maintain compatibility for those needing it whilst b) adopting what from my research has been deemed the more appropriate solution to use. If there are other options that a decent majority are using then I'm open to trying to add support for them, subject to code & licensing related to it.

I'm not aware of any choice two methods when calculating Replay Gain, or even what is being used now.  I see "Send to|Calculate Replay Gain", and that's it.  Under Replay Gain in options, I don't see a choice of method for calculation.

With regards to manually editing of the values, its not been done yet as not all of the input plug-ins that are responsible for handling such matters have been replaced &/or modified to make it viable to generically edit that metadata. Once that's done then the singular & batch edit dialogs will get the support added to them.

I'm not sure why editing the Replay Gain setting would require generic editing of metadata; but I'm glad to hear it is in the works.  This is a huge thing foobar2000 has on WinAmp.

I know most just see it is disabled edit controls but to have things done consistently (which has been an issue with Winamp not doing that) then there's a few pieces that need to be sorted out which is part of my end goals to have key tagging functionality somewhat isolated from the input plug-ins so things can be done to it without having to update half a dozen plug-ins &/or the duplicated code that comes from some of them using the same tagging format (e.g. ogg vorbis + flac plug-ins).

I'm not aware of what disabled edit controls you refer to.  I can certainly see that you wouldn't want to repeat metadata code in all the input plugins.  Sounds like you'll have a .dll plugin that handles them for more than one input plugin; or are putting it in winamp.exe.  That there are only a few pieces to be sorted out sounds like you've been making great progress, and I look forward to its impending arrival.  In short, it all sounds great, and I like where you are saying you are going.



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Re: EBU R128 loudness normalisation
« Reply #16 on: June 08, 2019, 01:37:24 AM »
I am thinking that maybe this is the wrong forum section, as this is not really a feature request.
More like a bug in an existing feature.
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