Beta Version:

Released: 6 November 2016

Winamp Loader:

This is the program (winamp.exe) used to start Winamp (with the original winamp.exe renamed to winamp.original) and it manages the hooking and adjustments that cannot reliably be done via normal plug-ins (e.g. command-line changes). This also has a supporting dll (winamp.dll) which in combination with the loader program is key to the works of this pack.


These are additional command-line options which have been added via the loader program to expand upon the existing command-line options (which were notably increased with the 5.66x releases) which help with using Winamp in a number of scripted / controlled scenarios.


These are additional or replacement plug-ins which will be included to either expand upon or to replace existing native Winamp functionality as required. Replacement plug-ins will where possible provide a comparable level of support to the native Winamp plug-in it is replacing.

Unless otherwise stated, updates of the existing available plug-ins will now only work when run under a valid install of the pack due to leveraging better code sharing to reduce plug-in overheads and make it easier to maintain code.