Week 167 Progress Update (breaking things because you told me to do it)

As I’m currently doing a bit of site related maintenance which some might have already noticed from the slight colour scheme change last week, I’ve just updated the software used for the blog I thought it best to post something to help check it still works (you never know with updates ;) ). The community forum will also hopefully receive some updates before the end of the month along with a possible theme restyle to fit in with the newer colour scheme.

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Weeks 156 though to 166 Progress Update (I did get some work done it seems)

As I’m getting back into the swing of things with WACUP development after the past 2 & bit months being somewhat up in the air (see here) I thought I’d at least put up a copy of the current changelog for the development build as I’ve realised I’ve done more than I thought (though not enough compared to where I would ideally have liked to have been but that’s life for you).
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Quick Development Update (I’m still here at least I think I am…)

For anyone wondering why there’s not been a new WACUP build or updates since the end of January, a number of personal issues have arisen & it’s massively hindered development progress. Things however should return to normal in April (I hope) as there are a number of changes done already along with some waiting to be finished which should resolve some of the long standing complaints against Winamp/WACUP.


Week 153 Progress Update (A public preview build at last to start your 2019)

It finally happened and WACUP saw the release of its first public preview build to help start off 2019 to a hopefully brighter tone than 2018 had at times. The availability of the preview build comes almost 3 years since WACUP began and which has seen its ups and downs over that time (which I’ll probably document when the anniversary happens) along with some naysayers that it’d never actually appear but it did.
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WACUP, Winamp v5.8 beta & the future of things WACUP & Winamp related

Ever since a Winamp v5.8 beta build from October 2016 leaked in mid September 2018 (yes those dates are correct) I’ve kept meaning to do this post to put down my thoughts about it all. Since then, whether it was by an annoyed beta tester (fairly likely), a hacked account (side-effect of the official winamp twitter account being hacked) or as now seems more likely it was intentionally done by people still directly involved with Winamp to test the waters & build some hype (how sad if that was the case), we’ve gotten an announcement about the magical future the Winamp brand is going to have in 2019 along with a slightly newer version of what I kindly called “the leaky build” which is as taken from the “new” winamp,com site, “not an ongoing project” (that’s one way to keep showing contempt to the community).

In the meanwhile I’ve kept chugging along working on WACUP which despite what’s going on with Winamp ‘officially’, I’m not going to be stopping working on it. Some may not think that’s the right decision as we’ve got a bright new future of Winamp coming in 2019 & new ‘official’ beta builds but none of what’s been talked about (as I’ll cover below) is of interest to me nor is it what I want from my Winamp experience. Now I know WACUP is massively behind where I’ve planned for it to be (especially with intended release dates of non-beta builds) but as one person & having IRL stuff to deal with & changing plans based on actual user feedback, development has been taking a lot longer than I’d planned or liked but I’m still putting out beta builds to the registered beta testers & you can view the build changelogs if you’re not one but interested to see what’s been going on (especially after it took almost 10 months between one of the builds but the feedback was it was worth the wait & was progress).

So lets get onto what I want to cover in this blog post. For the tl;dr, as I’m likely going to ramble or you just want the highlights, WACUP development is going to continue whether you like it or not, Winamp v6 in 2019 is going to be a mess with their focus on mobile only (aka highly likely death of the ‘official’ desktop) & the v5.8 beta is not a lot to show for almost 5 years of fooling the community.

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Week 125 Progress Update (mid-year catch-up and release plan changes)

Alas it’s been a while since my last past on here & I apologise but the time I’d otherwise put into doing the weekly blog updates (I’ve kept my development notes so may post them if there’s interest) has ended up going towards updating and answering things via the WACUP Discord server. Anyway, I thought it best to provide a quick update on what’s been going on as well as how may plans have slightly changed. So on with the likely rambling blog post that you expect from me…

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