Is maintaining audio CD burning support a good idea ?

The reason for asking this comes from ../community/index.php/topic,51.0.html due to some thoughts that have come up from looking into getting a replacement for Gracenote support for audio CD ripping.

Obviously removing the support for a feature that has existed since 2003 isn’t good (though you had to ‘go pro’ to make it properly work) but with better standalone burning software out there, is keeping this beneficial?

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Winamp’s Growing Memory Usage & Perceived Feature Bloat

Both excessive memory usage and feature bloat is something that has been attributed to Winamp a lot over the years from those that either prefer Winamp 2.x or prefer other players. It’s been more of an issue since Winamp 5.x came out such as due to the shift from the simple classic skin to the modern skins as the default skin on installation or from new features being added over the years (often from user requests I’ll note).

Due to both of these factors, Winamp has sadly lost in many people’s views the lightweight nature that was associated with it during it’s early days until the later 2.x releases. Though once the media library (which was often requested) appeared in v2.9x then things started to change in perceptions and is why it was started to be seen those who will never use anything beyond v2.81 and to an extent the v2.9x releases due to Winamp suddenly using a lot more memory and becoming bloated in their opinion.

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Can download numbers be a good indicator of active users?

It’s always something that I’ve been dubious about in the over reliance upon the number of downloads of software as a way to say that that is the number of active users of that software. Sure an increased number of downloads of a specific version can imply a potential overall increased usage of the software but is it really going to a 1:1 mapping between downloads and active users….?

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