Weeks 101 + 102 + 103 Progress Update (no dalmations were harmed in the making of this)

If you’ve been following things then you’ll know that I didn’t get the week 101 and week 102 updates posted so welcome to the combined update that also includes week 103 which due to what was being worked on doesn’t make too much of a difference :) So without wasting anymore time (that comes in the notes after the main list of updates ;) ), on to the updates…

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Week 100 Progress Update (farewell 2017 and hello 2018)

I hope everyone had a good holiday season however you do it and I’d like to wish you all a happy new year for 2018. As we’re moving into a new year (and I didn’t get any coding done - sometimes a break is needed) I’d like to have a bit of a look back at the year past and a few thoughts about where I hope WACUP will go in the coming year.

After how 2017 started, things with WACUP overall I think went well with the creation of the Patreon, a lot of work done but with more work still to go before a non-beta build is released.

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Week 99 Progress Update (back on track again)

Anyone following me on social media today (afternoon of the 24th December as I started writing this post) will have seen that I’ve gone through and posted the weekly updates from the last 2 months which I’d not done at the time.

The lack of the weekly updates at the time was due to me being more focused on coding towards the next beta build (#1988 and what is to eventually come) than doing the other things that also have to be done like weekly updates (thankfully I keep my local notes as I go).

So without wasting anymore time and as we’re finally back on schedule for the posting, I wish you a happy holidays and onto the updates that you’re here for :)

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