Week 97 Progress Update (coding makes the world go round)

This is the seventh of a batch of update posts that are being made a while after I’d started to actually do them as i’d been much more focused on coding towards the next beta build than doing the other things that also have to be done. So without wasting anymore time, onto the updates :)

The following things were worked on (in no particular order as taken from my internal development progress changelog):

  • More work on trying to determine the cause of the portable devices support not working correctly under WACUP (as covered in a prior update)

  • Fixed using taskkill.exe /im winamp.exe not working against WACUP
    - This fix may also help resolve some other issues with hung WACUP processes that have been reported since the first beta build was released
    - Note that force killing winamp.exe (the WACUP loader) will often leave a winamp.original process running until it is manually or force closed

  • Cleaned out a few things in the installer to make it a bit smaller and to just de-complicate things as well as changing all execwait to nsExec::Exec for consistency

  • Changed the HTML playlist output to be more standards compliant and refer to WACUP instead of Winamp as the generator

  • Changed the crash reports link to view the folder on the preferences to also check for there are any files in it before showing / hiding it as required

  • Changed Playsforsure to MTP in the installer, preferences and plug-in name for the portable plug-in to make it more obvious what the plug-in is used for
    - Re-ordered the installer sections to place this (MTP) and USB at the top of the portable plug-ins section

  • Removed pmp_android.dll from being installed but it can be manually installed from the redux install if needed

  • Changed the portable devices playlist sync page to make use of the additional preferences window height

  • Fixed the playlist core not providing the expected data response to the portable devices playlist sync handling
    - This caused only one playlist or no playlists or a crash to occur on viewing the preferences page for the device

  • Changed the Paypal links to use a more WACUP specific compared to the generic plug-in development message

  • Fixed nxlite.dll not being installed with ml_pmp.dll (portable device support)

  • Fixed the UI handling of the fallback portable devices view (i.e. when ml_devices,dll is not installed)
    - This overrides the view sizing, skinning, etc to make it match the rest of the library
    - Most probably won’t see any of these changes but it’s now been done and removes some legacy library plug-in apis that shouldn’t be used and which I don’t want to re-implement later on :)

  • Look at a reported issue with the WinampAC3 v1.20a plug-in to no luck
    - This will be followed up on later on the forum when more information is available

  • Updated openssl (libcurl.dll) to 1.0.2n (7 Dec 2017)

That’s it for this week’s update post which was aimed at trying to resolve issues that had been reported since the recent beta build and as part of the process towards a newer beta build (will it or won’t it arrive before the holidays…).

Until next week, happy Winamping!