Week 95 Progress Update (how many sleeps)

This is the fifth of a batch of update posts that are being made a while after I’d started to actually do them as i’d been much more focused on looking at finding the parts for a new PC (aka Black Friday deals and all that) instead of coding and doing as much work towards the next beta build. So without wasting anymore time, onto the updates :)

The following things were worked on (in no particular order as taken from my internal development progress changelog):

  • More work done towards the replacement ReplayGain plug-in
    - This primarily involved getting the processing window working correctly
    - Other work done to make the re-implementation stable deal with additional processing requests once the processing window is already open

  • Changed the Skinned Preferences plug-in to ignore the Open / Save file dialogs due to breaking the right-click menus within the explorer view used

  • Removed some files from the installer not needed as part of the ClassicPro installation

  • Adding missing version info to the libopus.dll, ClassicPro.w5s & winamp_res.dll files

  • Fixed the replacement mp3 encoding plug-in (enc_mp3.dll) not loading on some systems due to a unicode vs ansi conversion issue with dll delay load handling

  • Added option (enabled by default) to block processing of video files with Waveform Seeker plug-in
    - This is mainly to resolve certain stability issues that arise from the video processing and how the plug-in has to try and obtain the audio for video formats

That’s it for this week’s update post which was not the most productive when it came to coding but going forward and getting things in place to have a stable development machine was very much worth the time spent on it..

Until next week, happy Winamping!


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