Week 93 Progress Update (a new build you say)

This is the third of a batch of update posts that are being made a while after I’d started to actually do them as i’d been much more focused on coding towards the newer beta build (as was finally achieved this week) than doing the other things that also have to be done. So without wasting anymore time, onto the updates :)

The following things were worked on (in no particular order as taken from my internal development progress changelog):

  • Changed the Yule Log plug-in to allow for sending up to 280 character long tweets

  • Changed how Waveform Seeker works to minimise it processing multiple files on quick track changes to avoid maxing out the cpu of the machine
    - This now takes into account how many CPU cores there are to help limit to a sensible number of multiple processing attempts

  • Renamed ‘libsoxr.dll’ to ’soxr.dll’ to avoid conflicts with the version used by thinktink’s in_bpxfade plug-in
    - Despite trying to ensure the same dll interfaces were provided, the libsoxr.dll used by WACUP causes the in_bpxfade plug-in to crash so it was simpler to rename to avoid conflict with a plug-in that doesn’t seem to be developed now

  • Fixed archive playback support not working with the configured rules due to an incorrect filepath being passed to the extraction core and not handling non-unicode plug-ins correctly

  • Added pre-emptive downloading of the Winamp Info Tool and youtube-dl on install (via the added /UPDATETOOLS command-line option to WACUP)
    - This also checks and updates existing copies of the tools to the latest versions to ensure best compatibility with WACUP

  • Fixed youtube-dl failing to run in some cases due to the required dll dependency not being installed
    - This will now download the required dll into the WACUP tools folder so it can work irrespective of the dll being installed globally or not

  • Changed some of the installer wording to be more about WACUP than Winamp and increased the overall height of the installer window for more space in some areas

  • Fixed a number of issues related to the classic skin windowshade mode when double-size mode is enabled and windowshade mode support was or wasn’t enabled depending upon the issue reported
    - A prior reorganisation of the code whilst adding double-size support caused the issues that had to be fixed (buttons / tooltips / cursors not showing / responding as expected)

  • Fixed the Audio Capture plug-in not opening it’s preferences as expected

  • Fixed text clipping issues with the Audio Capture plug-in wizard mode

  • Fixed the installer using the wrong install.ini in some cases which could cause the icons, etc to be installed in all cases despite being de-selected

  • Miscellaneous code clean-up & other minor tweaks in preparation for a new release

  • Updated in_openmpt to 0.2.9227-beta28 (4 Nov 2017)

  • Finally released all the changes from the last 3 months as build #1988

That’s it for this week’s update post which was about finally getting a newer beta build out after all of the work done over the prior 3 months (had it really been that long!).

Until next week, happy Winamping!