Week 92 Progress Update (persistence of software)

This is the second of a batch of update posts that are being made a while after I’d started to actually do them as i’d been much more focused on coding than doing the other things that also have to be done. So without wasting anymore time, onto the updates :)

The following things were worked on (in no particular order as taken from my internal development progress changelog):

  • Finished off the replacement transcoding plug-in to have a winamp skinned converter window along with more information about the conversion progress
    - This took a fair amount of work to get it finally to be in a usable state with the skinning of some of the controls (e.g. progressbars) not being as simple to do
    - This also adds the option to delete (recycle) the source file on completion

  • A whole load of changes to the JTFE plug-in (playback queue and missing files) to get it working directly with winamp’s playlist
    - This is primarily to allow for the queue to be tracked on the actual file queued and not the first match if there are duplicates of the file (a very long term issue with the plug-in)
    - This overall reduces memory usage as the JTFE plug-in doesn’t need to maintain a full copy of the playlist for the item tracking and it makes things quicker overall

  • Added some basic configuration options to the Opus encoding plug-in
    - This is offering just the minimum suggested encoder options
    - For more configuration options, consider using thinktink’s plug-in

  • Changed the installer to download the redux installer from a number of locations to deal with potential outage issues

  • Fixed the preferences and about windows having a skinned window frame when skinned preferences is not loaded (e.g. when running in winamp’s safe mode)

  • Fixed the placement of the preference pages in the tree not working correctly when running in winamp’s safe mode

  • Fixed the installer not installing some of the required shared dlls at times

  • Fixed some miscellaneous build & potential crash issues

  • Updated openssl and libexpat to 1.0.2m (2 Nov 2017) and 2.2.5 (1 Nov 2017) respectively

  • Updated in_openmpt to 0.2.8760-beta27 (12 Aug 2017)
    - I wasn’t aware of this update as the mailing list was seemingly changed so I’ve now re-registered to get updates, however…
    - The openmpt project has formally dropped VS2008 support so for the time being I’ll just be keep using the 0.2.x builds but I’ll need to look at moving to the more supported 0.3.x builds

That’s it for this week’s update post which was about finishing off certain aspects from the last few weeks, improving some of the things to come for the next beta build and ticking off things blocking a new beta build.

Until next week, happy Winamping!