Week 91 Progress Update (even the spammers are interested)

This is the first of a batch of update posts that are being made a while after I’d started to actually do them as i’d been much more focused on coding than doing the other things that also have to be done. So without wasting anymore time, onto the updates :)

The following things were worked on (in no particular order as taken from my internal development progress changelog):

  • Changed the Streaming Url processor plug-in to add the youtube playlists in their original order and by making use of the ‘index’ parameter
    - This is normally done newest to oldest and helps resolves certain playlists not playing in the expected order
    - Handling the ‘index’ parameter allows for starting playback on the selected file within the youtube playlist instead of always playing from the first item

  • Working on enc_opus to have it use libsoxr for re-sampling
    - This wasn’t as smooth as it could have been but I got there in the end (mis-reading some of the documentation / expectations wasn’t helpful)
    - the installer was tweaked to support installing libsoxr.dll as needed for this

  • Improved error handling in the replacement transcoding plug-in to better deal with missing source files compared to the native plug-in it replaces

  • Changed the transcoding ui to be more contained as a single dialog instead of popping up error messages on conversion issues
    - This makes things less painful compared to the native solution to deal with if there are errors as you could end up with multiple messageboxes or the whole process crashing

  • Added a ‘format’ column to the transcoding ui to show input -> output
    - This makes it easier to see the source and the destination formats as a way to better determine if there is an issue transcoding what file types were involved

  • Tweaked the ordering of the encoder plug-ins in the installer and made the wording in the encoder sections more consistent

  • Tweaked the installer’s ‘lite’ install type, removed the ‘wacup’ install type and removed ‘burning’ from the ml_disc related descriptions

  • Removed in_wm.dll (WMA playback support) from being installed
    - It can still be manually installed if needed from the redux installer file and will not be removed if already installed

  • Replaced the winamp splash image with a wacup tweaked version (thanks vic!)

  • Updated libcurl and libnghttp2 to 7.56.1 (23 Oct 2017) and 1.27.0 (25 Oct 2017) respectively

That’s it for this week’s update post which was about refining certain aspects and improving some of the things to come for the next beta build.

Until next week, happy Winamping!