Week 86 Progress Update (a little different than before…)

As the last weekly blog update covered upto week 44 and then everything went a bit awry, I’m hoping now to get back into doing (hopefully) weekly blog posts again but in a less detailed way than the older posts.

My thinking is that it’s then simpler to get an idea of what’s been going on but without you dear reader needing to take a long break out of your day to do it and for me the couple of hours it was generally taking to end up with my convoluted posts :)

So without any further messing around, lets find out what happened during the week just past…

The week started off from the prior week and the creation of the WACUP Patreon and I’m ever so thankful for the first patreons to support the project and for any others to come (for those reading this post in the future ;) ).

On the development front, the following things were worked on (in no particular order as taken from my internal development progress changelog):

  • Adding a basic ‘Patreons’ page to the ‘about | updates’ preferences tab
    - This was one of the things mentioned on the Patreon page that I’d do :)

  • Adjusted how the PDB files for the WACUP files are handled for debugging
    - This makes it easier for me to manage and use the PDB files between builds

  • Fixed Waveform Seeker causing the desktop to flash repeatedly on loading when starting processing but the plug-in window has not been fully initialised
    - This issue depends upon when Winamp started playing vs when the Waveform Seeker window was created (the fun of asynchronous loading)

  • Reverted the ASLR changes made to the original winamp.exe
    - This isn’t ideal but to allow for the live patching to work reliably (which didn’t show up during my prior testing) and prevent some other issues reported on the forum this had to be done. Will come back to this later on as running everything with ASLR enabled is preferential.

  • Changed the ‘version history’ tab to ‘changelog’ on the ‘about | updates’ preferences to use less space
  • Changed the installer to have the start menu / desktop icon options on the Directory selection page instead of it’s own
    - This reduces the number of installer pages to click through during install

  • Changed the installer to better handle some of the shared library dlls as needed between some of the plug-ins
    - This makes the installer report a more realistic install size unlike before where each ‘copy’ of the shared library dlls was counted. The result of this was the install size being over reported by a few MB compared to the actual install.

  • Added a basic profile.ini to limit specified plug-ins from being loaded
    - This is the start of plug-in loading profiles so it’s possible to keep plug-ins installed but just not have them loaded unless re-enabled. There’s no UI for managing this and so needs to be done manually for the moment.

  • Added ‘NOT LOADED’ and ‘DISABLED’ icon types to the plug-in preference pages along with an associated tooltip
    - This along with prior changes from a few weeks prior now makes it easier to see the origin (WACUP, Winamp, 3rd party) and the loading staus of the plug-ins.

  • Added ability to double-size the generic skinned windows (if the plug-in indicates support for this new mode)
    - This is the first step towards making the classic skins easier to use on higher resolution screens. Currently the main and equaliser windows only follow the double-size option but having the majority of generic skinned windows also able to follow this setting should make Winamp with a classic skin easier to use. There’s still some quirks which is why it’s being marked as experimental but is enabled by default currently to aid in seeing it tested out.

  • Changed the ‘Big Clock’ plug-in to auto-scale the display fonts when double-size mode is enabled.
    - This is one of the benefits of the generic skinned windows being able to support double-size mode by better making use of the font and higher resolution.

  • Some other clean-up and associated changes to allow for all of the above

That’s it for this stripped down style of update post. If you prefer this changed style of update posts or prefer the older way or have a better way that you think it should be done then let me know :) Until next week, happy Winamping!


p.s. I’m already wondering if we could still do with some screenshots of the changes to make it easier to follow instead of just the basic list like thing.