Week 30

I like making installers, I really do as I’ve had to keep telling myself all week. But as something that needs to be done to get one step closer to a beta release of WACUP then it’s something that now needs to be sorted out albeit at the expense of getting the plug-ins and loader finished off.

So after making last weeks update, I’m not sure why but I had the urge to tackle the installer properly instead of using the super basic one I’d already created that just bundled up the files to get a rough idea of what the size WACUP only files would be in an installer.

My aim is for things to be simple enough to get a full Winamp+WACUP install as well as just a WACUP update only option (more useful for beta testing), So I’ve been working through replicating enough of the original Winamp installer script to achieve both scenarios (with the biggest pain being to ensure that relevant plug-in dependencies are correctly handed)..

So that’s it for this week’s update and hopefully by the time of next week’s update I’ll have finished this installer work off so I can get back onto normal coding :)



  1. Oi, mate! Glad to see that you’re still crunching away on development. I’m curious what your outlook is on testing at this point? I remember you saying that you were hoping to get testing builds out for July. As things happen, it always takes longer than expected, doesn’t it? Do you see having any testing builds ready next month or do you see this being pushed further into the future at this point? - JKX

  2. JKX: As I’ve been working on the installer side of things and trying to resolve setup related issues (covered in the week 31 update), I think realistically we’re much nearer to seeing something than has been the case before.

    So September has been for a while now my target to get something out (I doubt I’ll hit the specific date I have in mind) even if that means the first beta is a stripped down version of what’s detailed at https://getwacup.com/development.html and then finishing off things during a controlled beta phase.

    And yes dates are a tricky thing to hold to no matter how much time and effort gets put in (especially when I’ve gotten a bit distracted at ‘ooh look at that shiny thing’ moments but I think in the long term a bit more time at this stage should pay off later on).

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