Waveform Seeker v2.1.2

It is with the greatest of pleasure that I can announce the release of Waveform Seeker Plug-in v2.1.2 for use with the patched Winamp 5.666 release. The plug-in was originally developed by Gargaj who has very kindly allowed me to provide a new version of the plug-in with a number of improvements and important crash fixes over the previous release as well as including a previously unreleased feature from Gargaj (CUE sheet support on the waveform!).

The purpose of this plug-in is to provide a Winamp skinned window which shows the waveform output of the currently playing or selected file (if the option is selected) in the main playlist editor along with the ability to use that to seek within the file (e.g. to select a quiet part of the file’s audio).


So please enjoy this updated plug-in, thank Gargaj for allowing this update and please do report any issues either directly on the GitHub issues page (preferred) or you can email me or use the comments section below. Just ensure if you are reporting an issue that you provide as much information as possible and a clear set of steps to help reproduce the issue.



  1. Like I said (or thought), awesome release and work! I specially like the installer icon XD.
    PS: Tried the installer with Winamp opened, didn’t warn me to close it, F5 refresh didn’t load the plug-in but showed it with a “Not loaded” tag. Is it an expected behaviour?

  2. What OS and Winamp skin are you using at the time of running the installer?

    Not sure about the refresh stuff as plug-ins like this are only loaded when Winamp is started. So if Winamp was still running and the install worked then it wouldn’t have been loaded and so would show the ‘not loaded’ status.

  3. Incredible plugin should ship standard with Winamp.
    It’s that damn good and useful.
    Thanks for your work

  4. Win 7, 64bits.
    Later I’ll ask you about how to implement the waveseeker (or any plugin) directly on a skin .. If that’s remotely possible..

  5. Can you see if the plug-in installer from https://getwacup.com/plugins/crystal_classic_skins/ has the same issue please. That is using a different version of NSIS so am looking to rule out it being due to changing the version of NSIS used.

  6. Yep, the effect is the same. But, to be more precise; I have “Allow Multiple instances” enabled, so after installing the plugin it opens a new WInamp instance and the plugin is enabled. The “old”, undetected Winamp sees the plugin but is tagged as “NOT LOADED”.
    With both installers the behaviour is exactly the same.

  7. Will have to do sort out a debug build of the installer for you to try out to get an idea of why it’s failing to detect any Winamp instances. At least it’s not a specific NSIS version at fault which is something.

    Though what might be the issue I’m not sure at this moment as multiple instances (with that option) should still be detected based on my testing of the Winamp detection feature.

    The main thing is that In either of the Winamp instances (existing or new), that they are behaving as expected once the plug-in is installed.

  8. Is it wanted, that the installer doesn’t include the language file? If so I will try to create a lng file using the command line tool.

  9. Sorry I’d forgotten to include it. There’s also likely to be some additions for the next release so will include the example lng file in that update.

  10. very useful plugin! but it crashes winamp when I have the plugin enabled and try to play opus files. is it just me? thank you in advance ;-)