Week 11

This week’s update will be a bit shorter than normal but at least being posted on a Monday which is going to be the default day from now on.

The main thing to see from last week was already posted a few days back here with regards to the preferences window and vertical sizing support for it. As something that I’d hoped would have been a simple thing, it somewhat ate up a bit more than 2 days time to get it generally working as wanted with a bit more work needing to be done on some specific plug-in preferences. Plus I’m sure one of the requesters of it are still being mesmerised by the gif :o)

The main thing that I’ve otherwise been doing was tracking down some random crashes with the new code and just overall checking how things work on different operating systems and in different combinations of parts of WACUP not being installed in preparation for making the installer.

The other notable thing has been been doing a bit more to help out koopa with the new version of his Winamp Backup Tool. This is helping me to get a better knowledge of how it works so that over the next few weeks I can flesh out the place holder preferences page that I’ve added for it (see screenshot below).


As I think this is a great tool and having something that makes it more obvious and also easier to do within Winamp for how you can backup and restore your settings is something that time always went against doing in the past.

The only other notable thing is a small update for Crystal Classic Skins which fixes a localisation bug with the v2.01 release. Also don’t forget that i’m still updating the development changelog which has more specific details of what is being changed than I think is appropriate to post in these overall updates.



  1. Hope, you will code it (Backup/Restoration page) that there will be a possibility to use another backup tool (like mine (still in development)). To make it possible just display edit control with a path to desired tool (default koopa’s bt) + button to browse for external tool. Plus some options to autobackup or something… I wonder how it will be implemented :P

    It is realised by plugin or directly by your loader?

  2. Pawel: I’m still not sure what exactly is going to be happening with the page so is hard to know what will / will not be done with it. I wasn’t aware (or don’t remember) that there was another backup tool.

    So I will keep it in mind with designing the page / handling but it might just be easier for me to only support one rather than making things more confusing for the user with choosing between one or the other as I just want it overall to be simple to the point that it can be easily automated and noob friendly.

    It is currently part of the loader program rather than being a specific plug-in but is effectively done in the same manner as a plug-in would implement it. That’s just down to how I’m hooking things on the preferences so it was simpler (and less code) to base it in the loader than mess around with another plug-in and the overhead that goes with that.

  3. Thanks for answer.
    Here is my old project: http://pawelporwisz.pl/winamp/winamp_backup_tool_en.php
    (part of Winamp Tools I am developing in free time).

    I know you like Backup Tool written by Koopa (partially by me :P) and it should be a default BT. I was only wonder if you maybe add possibility to use another one (as I prefer my application and as I am working on Winamp Tools constantly it will be even better :) )

  4. I’ll let the two of you fight it out as to who has the better tool, but yes from a quick test of yours, I do prefer koopa’s option (but then I’m a bit biased due to having helped a lot with the testing of it recently as well as making a new NSIS plug-in for it that I think is going to be used with 3.0 beta 8 and which I’ll need to do a little blog post about).

    So once I’ve figured out what’s wanted and I’ve got one option working then I’ll reach out to you on specifics. Though one thing that is important to consider is if it can be run without a window (or at least one that isn’t visible) so that it can then preferably be used as a scheduled task (which is one of the things I’m considering being an option).

  5. Nice!
    Thanks for opinion. I know you prefer Koopa’s tool, as I know you a bit :)
    I prefer more advanced, nice, shiny soft, you prefer (I think) tiny, elegant and do its job tool.
    And, we do not fight with Koopa, he wrote a great tool that I hope will be used by many people.

    My tool is written first of all for me and Polish users (and the goal is to enhance my programming knowledge). I just write it in my spare time and want to make nice and usable tool.

    Ps: NSIS 3b8?
    I thought it is RC1 now and soon there will be final build, as Anders said.

  6. Sorry I meant Backup Tool 3.0 beta 8 and not NSIS 3.0 beta / rc (is a bit confusing with the two versions being similar at the moment).