Can you see me now…?

Often the simplest of changes can make a good difference to how you’re using something. This is how over the years I ended up making a range of small plug-ins that would modify / add something specific to Winamp which wouldn’t necessarily be considered officially.

With that in mind, I was recently reminded about something that I’d done when I was working officially on Winamp post-sale which was helpful for at least a few people and thought why not do it also for WACUP. So below you’ll see what I’ve been tinkering on yesterday…


Most will I assume go wtf is that (or curse me for using a gif) and it’s a vertically resizeable preferences window showing the Global Hotkeys page making use of that extra height.

But why do this when there’s x, y and z that should be looked into? Because it makes things just a little bit easier to use and a few people who’ve been helping me out have asked for it and I thought I’d give it a go. As most probably never go into the preferences, but for those that do, being able to see what there is just saves some time and effort.

So the default height will be adjusted so it shows the normal preferences tree without needing to scroll it which from recent experience will be handy in more easily finding a preference item that was being referred to.

I will say that this could already be done (albeit as a fixed height) via a language pack and that is what my 5.8 based changes had been with just changing the default height of certain preference pages.

However, what is shown here is better imho (albeit needs a bit more time to get it done than just changing dialog resources) as it’s implemented in code so it can dynamically resize as well as being able to be applied to existing language packs.

At the time of posting, i’ve applied this to all of the plug-in pages (e.g. Plug-ins -> Input), Global Hotkeys, all of the known tabbed preference pages so they align the bottom of the tab to the bottom of the preferences window (it just looks nicer that way) and part of the File Types page (so the associated files types list can use the extra vertical space).

There’s a few other possible native preference pages that can make use of this change (mainly anything with a list on it e.g. Local Library -> Watch Folders) and with a bit of code, it’s possible for 3rd party plug-ins to support this (if it’s needed).

Finally most of the preference pages will remain at their existing size as they cannot really benefit from the height such as not having a list on them or not using the existing vertical space that was already available. Plus it;s a bit less work to only add support to those pages that will benefit from it.


Note: For language packs made compatible with WACUP, they will need to apply the WS_THICKFRAME style (hex value 0×40000) to the preferences window resource so that resizing support can be enabled.


  1. That gif is hypnotic.. @_@

    And the feature is exactly what I wanted! XD

  2. that gif reminds me of my wedding night many years ago. ah the mamories…oops memories..but I digress. Nice work as always Dr