Week 4

Week 4 has been a continuation of what I’d been doing in the previous week and primarily looking at a replacement for the existing library database engine. Well I’ve now got code running which can effectively act as a replacement (being based off a massively old copy of the NDE source code) and I’m now looking into some alternative options for how to get it to use less memory along with a few other changes to how it works whilst trying to keep it compatible.

On a plus side, with this version I’ve been able to track down what kept causing it to re-write the database files on closing even if there hadn’t been any actual changes (e.g. you just load Winamp and then close it). For most this will be a ‘whatever’ thing but being able to fix that has the key benefit of reducing closing time but there’s more that can be done on that matter.

It also means that by not altering the database files then there’s much less chance of the database becoming corrupted which is something that has sadly plagued Winamp’s library over the years (though v5.666 did appear to help reduce that issue based on feedback that I’d seen).

Otherwise there’s not much else to say for this week which has niggled me a bit as I’d really hoped to have had more done by now. The only other things were some tweaks to the site and a brief look into what is preventing the comments system from working on the blog which is why comments aren’t enabled on the posts at the time. I hope to get comments working as soon as possible but I can always be contacted via the options here in the mean time :)