Week 3

It’s now the end of week 3 and despite doing a number of things I’ve probably not got as much to really show for it as I’d have liked. As research into doing a few things Winamp based that I’ve been approached about have taken up most of my time due to experimenting and figuring out how to possibly do things.

The main thing has been looking into whether it’s viable to replace the library database engine with something that can do a few things which the existing version cannot do. Either with it based on a modified version of the source code that was released years back (and getting it compatible with what v5.666 needs or by having the calls mapped to use a different engine (e.g. sqlite, which was tried years back but didn’t compare on performance to NDE at that time if my memory serves me correct).

Otherwise i’ve been going over the initial plug-ins that I want to include and working out a full list of what still needs to be done / fixed with them.

Finally, I’d tried seeing if there was anything which could be done to shrink down the memory usage of the internal string types used within Winamp (due to how the interface is exposed this possibly could have been done) but alas that didn’t work out as there’s aspects in Winamp that are assuming a specific layout of those structures *grumble*   I may do another blog post about this stuff as I found some of the aspects quite interesting (if you’re into that sort of low level stuff).

So with that, time for me to get back to trying to get some of this week’s code to a possibly usable state :)


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