Week 1

This I intend will be the start of weekly updates (to be posted on sunday night) on how things are progressing with any of my Winamp related activities. Why do this…? Because not only does it help me to keep a better record of what’s been happening but also because I want to be as open as possible as to what is going on which I think some might interesting to follow.

So the main thing has been to make some important people in the Winamp community aware of this blog and what I’m intending to do with coming back to Winamp plug-in development as an independent developer.

On the coding front, I’ve been doing some research in relation to a few of the ideas that I’ve had previously as well as based on some of the comments that I’ve seen since my earlier post. When I’ve something more complete to talk about then I’ll let you know here :o)

And tonight I’m in the process of reverting some of the changes I’d made for my internal build of the JTFE plug-in which was intended to be shipped with a newer ‘official’ Winamp release but will now not being happening.

What / Why? The current owners of Winamp do not have my permission to include the plug-in with any version that they may provide and it will also very likely not work with any new version anyway. So for me, it’s better that I roll-back the changes that had been made (as there’s no guarantee that any of the changes would have the API needed to work) and to just keep the specific fixes which I’d made so I can provide a better version for the patched Winamp release that I will still support.

Now back to the coding for me and I hope you all have a good week to come :o)


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